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2010 Recap

So, I'm slowly rejoining the land of the living. It's been quite the battle to do so the last few days, but my family has been awesome--from my dad making sure I have enough ginger ale to last me through the day, to watching hours of "The Haunted" on Animal Planet with my sister, to my mom bringing us milkshakes, to Landon propping me up so I could look at "Gilmore Girls" while I try to go to sleep.

This virus isn't letting me go easily, so I'm still quarantined until I'm all better. In the meantime, how about a recap of 2010?

  • I began my last year as a full-time student. Only one more semester of my masters program to go!
  • Landon, my family and I began the heavy-duty planning for our May wedding. 
  • I apparently didn't take any pictures during January!
We bought Landon's wedding ring, which he was super excited about. He's showing off the two rings he said he always wanted: his Clemson ring and his wedding ring.

It snowed at my house in Lexington, SC--a very rare occurrence for South Carolina!

Amber, Landon and I made a super yummy King Cake to celebrate Mardi Gras.


Amber took my bridal portraits at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston, while Mama served as a photographer's assistant. I definitely had a DIY wedding, but loved every minute of it!

Amber, Danielle, Landon and I went to Savannah on a super spur-of-the-moment trip. We had the best time!

Landon indulged one of my odd obsessions when he found an abandoned house for us to explore. Gorgeous light + a healthy sense of adventure = my favorite photographs


  • Landon's aunts and uncles threw a tailgate-themed party for us (above). Go Tigers!
  • School kicked into HIGH gear, as my last semester came to a close and I was faced with the final edit of my thesis, 60+ student papers to grade, and three seminar papers to write.
  • Landon, my parents and Amber took over wedding planning at this point because I was insane with school stuff. 


We got married May 22! 

We went on an amazing honeymoon cruise to the Virgin Islands with Royal Caribbean. 
  • I started my job at the Art Institute of Charleston as an English and Speech professor.
  • Landon began looking for a job that utilized his Economics degree and had several interviews.

Landon and I visited the Firefly Distillery at Irvin House Vineyards on Wadmalaw Island.

We spent Father's Day at my grandparents' house.

Landon and I decided to repaint our bathroom, which was easier said than done!

We celebrated 4th of July at Patriots Point in Mount Pleasant.

Landon turned 26 and my sister turned 23!

We spent a day on the sparsely-populated Daufuskie Island with my family.


Nothing says "Happy Anniversary" (to my parents) like a dinner at Poe's on Sullivan's Island! I hope Landon and I will be celebrating 37 years of marriage one day, too.

Mama and I ran our first 5K, while Landon ran his first 10K.

I went to visit Amb at USC as she began her last semester of school ever!

  • Landon got a new job working in a bank. He's finally using that college degree! :)
  • I started my second quarter at the Art Institute.
For Amber's last Fall Break, the entire family went to Saluda, NC.

I dressed up as William Shakespeare for my second 5K, this one in Greenville, SC.

Landon finished his first half-marathon!


I cut about 9 inches off of my hair, which caused quite the stir amongst my students, many of whom didn't recognize me with my new 'do!

We ate two different Thanksgiving dinners. And I don't even really like turkey and dressing.

Amber, Mama and I battled the crowds on Black Friday.


Landon's cousin, Lauren, got married in a gorgeous ceremony.

All of Landon's siblings threw a baby shower for the forthcoming Baby Davis!

Amber graduated with her Masters in Human Resources. No more school for us!

Landon and I put an offer down on a townhouse, which was accepted. We're just waiting on the financing, title stuff and appraisal to come back!

What a year! I went from being single to being married, to being a student to a professor, from being a renter to an almost-homeowner. 2010 was definitely a year of transitions for Landon and I, but it was an exciting year nonetheless. We're so excited to see what 2011 holds for us!