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And we're still married

Which I know is a relief to everyone. :) But you know, doing a major bathroom renovation can be a major test on a newly married couple's negotiation skills...one that we weathered with only a few tiny tiffs ("No, you go get the hammer." "No, I got it last time."--you get the idea).


Learn more about the entire renovation process over at my design blog, Envied Designs.

Although we worked three of the four days of our "staycation," we still had a great time. Today, we mostly spent the day lounging around, cleaning up our renovation mess and watching WAY too many episodes of "Greek" on Netflix. A fantastic way to start off my two week break from teaching (yay, spring break!). In order to keep myself from going stir crazy while on break, I got a part-time job at a local stationery store--I've worked there before, so I'm excited to dive back into invitations, baby stuff, stamps, candles and Vera Bradley. I start tomorrow!

Our Newest Family Member

Landon and I have been talking about getting a dog for a while now; we're both dog lovers and couldn't wait for the opportunity to have a puppy of our own. We'd been looking for a Yorkie puppy, but the ones we could find were just so expensive. Landon's co-workers recommended that we look at a shelter for one, so we expanded our search to the websites of the local shelters and rescue organizations. We thought we'd found a Yorkie named Lyle through a local rescue group, so we made plans to see him at the next adopt-a-thon (which was yesterday) over in North Charleston.

Then, Landon found out that another rescue organization was having their own adopt-a-thon at the Petco just down the street from our house. We figured we'd run by just to see what was there, then head on to North Charleston to see Lyle the Yorkie.

As soon as we walked up to the Petco near our house, Landon spotted a small, black and tan puppy curled up to a huge softball toy. "I like that one," he told me, and we walked over to see her. She was timid as we played with her, but even so, we could see how cute she was. After twenty minutes or so of cooing over Phoebe, we decided we loved her, but we couldn't buy the first dog we saw. We bid Phoebe goodbye, knowing that we were very likely leaving her to be adopted by someone else.

We headed over to the North Charleston Petco to see the Yorkie we thought we wanted. We spotted Lyle the Yorkie right off, and asked one of the volunteers about him. "Lyle's a biter," she said. And back in the car we went. On the way back to Mount Pleasant, Landon and I talked it over and decided we wanted to get Phoebe, if she was still there. When we got out of the car in Mount Pleasant, we could see that the cage she was in earlier was empty. Both of our hearts sank. "Let's hope she found a really good home," I told Landon.

BUT! As we got closer, we saw that her cage had just been shifted a bit, and Phoebe was still there, and still as cute as ever. After some more bonding time, we decided that Phoebe was the pet for us! We spent a fun afternoon showing her off to my family and playing with her.

Phoebe is a great mystery--we have no clue what breed(s) she is. She was found wandering as a tiny puppy and placed in a kill shelter when one of the volunteers at Palmetto Pet Rescue found her and fostered her. Her foster mom (and the vet that did her spaying two days ago) guessed that she's about eight weeks ago, but they don't know for sure. She looks like a tiny, tiny German Shepherd, but it's more likely that she's got some sort of terrier/ Pomeranian/ Chihuahua in her since she's so small (only five pounds!). We look forward to seeing her grow!