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Will and Kate's Old Stomping Grounds

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Goodbye, Dunblane!
in front of our hotel in Dunblane
Hello, St. Andrews! 
Walking along the Scores in St. Andrews

For our fifth day in Scotland, we ventured cross-country to the eastern coast. Years ago, I had this lovely dream of leaving South Carolina and finishing my degree at the University of St. Andrews. While I am ultimately very happy that I stayed in SC (at least in part because I met my husband at college!), I've always wanted to visit St. Andrews. Plus, that's where Will and Kate met...and I won't lie, it only enhanced the appeal! :)

A few of my favorite pics from the day:
Landon at the Old Course 

West Sands, where the opening shots of "Chariots of Fire" were filmed

Old Course

St. Andrews Castle

Landon in the countermines underneath St. Andrews Castle

Just down the street at St. Andrews Cathedral

Landon's first encounter with fish and chips. Yum!

Driving back to Edinburgh via East Neuk

That night, we took the sleeper train from Edinburgh to London. It was big on fun, but tiny on space!