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I'm an English teacher at a college here in Charleston; while I know that going to school for six years for literature and grammar can sometimes make me a grammar Nazi, I still feel like my students should live up to a standard of semi-professional correspondence. I also know that everyone makes spelling and grammatical errors--I made a spelling mistake on one of my tests the other day (gasp!) and a student pointed it out to me. So, I'm not saying that I'm better than any of my students, as we are all human and thus, fallible.

Still, is it bad for me to want my students to send me more appropriate emails than this?
*names have been changed, but all formatting and spelling have been left exactly how they were sent to me.

Example #1: 
(You might want to take a deep breath before you read this one--you're going to need it!)

Hi Ms. Vereen-Davis, sorry I've missed your class twice this week I'm not blowing it off I enjoy it and all just things came up and I do have my speech done I'm going to link it in this email It's just been a long week and I always half awake shut my phone's alarm off but I will be there tuesday and if you could attach our next speech that would be great see you tuesday!

Perhaps this student has no concept of a run-on sentence? Or of punctuation?

Example #2:
Hellooooooo Again, Here Are My Notes, Sorry For The Delay! I'll Print The Pix At School On Thursday if Thats Cool With You. If Not just Hit Me Up On Hereeee. Andrew.

I'm not sure why every single word is capitalized. Also, what's going on with the usage of vowels??
As a student (at any point in my academic career), I NEVER would have thought about sending an email of this quality (or lack thereof) to my teacher, ESPECIALLY an English teacher. Sometimes, I want to respond to them about their lack of professionalism, but so far, I've just let it go. One day, they will finish college and go onto a job, where they will be in correspondence with people who will actually determine their paychecks. If I was a client of either of these students, and I got an email like these, I would immediately cancel my contract and find someone else to do the work. To many people in the business world, writing is a representation of yourself--a concept I can't seem to get across to my students.

What are your thoughts on this whole situation?

Marathon Weekend in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This past weekend, Landon and I journeyed up to Myrtle Beach for his first ever marathon. We met up with Landon's sister, Ashlan, and Ashlan's husband, Jason, who were nice enough to let us stay at their beach house. Ashlan ran the half-marathon and Jason ran the marathon with Landon.

The weather all weekend was GORGEOUS, so the four of us took full advantage of it. We went shopping on Friday at one of Myrtle Beach's outlets, and I got some black shorts from the J. Crew outlet (I love, love, love them and wish I had gotten pairs in many other colors!!). Then, Jason drove Landon and I to the beach so I could take a few pics at sunset. The light was amazing, and I was so happy to get some great shots:

We all sat down to a spaghetti dinner that Ashlan made--yum! Everyone else was preparing for the race, but I carb loaded for emotional support! Very, very early on Saturday, Landon, Ashlan and Jason got ready up and left for the race; I had no intentions of getting up at 4:30 AM. I did, however, meet up with them later on after Ashlan had finished her race. Together we waited for Jason and Landon, which was quite the nerve-wracking experience because they took longer than they estimated to finish, so Ashlan and I were really worried when we didn't see them after their proposed 4 hours and 15 minutes. Landon finished in just under 5 hours, which he was very happy with--I'm so proud of him for finishing! He and Jason were really salty (from sweating so much) and sore, but otherwise unscathed.
resting after the (very) long race
the hard-earned marathon medal!
After the race, we hit up Five Guys for lunch; when we returned to the beach house, everyone showered and then prompted fell asleep.

Even Maggie and Miller, Ashlan and Jason's dogs, decided it was time for a nap!
My afternoon consisted of 1) taking the golf cart to the beach so I could take more pictures and 2) reading magazines on the porch in the 75 degree weather.

Then, on Sunday morning, we all took the dogs for a walk on the beach. It was much chillier Sunday than it was earlier in the weekend.

One Step Closer!

Today, I went back over to our new townhouse for the termite and home inspections. Both inspectors gave us a clean bill, so we're getting very, very close to the end of our checklist.
Hello, house!
While I was there, I measured the den again, so I could start thinking about some furniture arrangements. I have several ideas in mind, but I need to see them in real life before I pick one.

Today began with Landon waking me up with a card, flowers and some candy. We're keeping it simple this year because the house is our big (huge!) present to each other. I'm going to make dinner tonight and then we're going to eat some of the cake Amber's bringing home from her cake decorating class. Yum!

And, to top today off, it's around 70 degrees and sunny outside. I love the warmer weather!


the townhouse!! I wrote a few days back about our adorable (fifth) townhouse that we found, only to have another person put a bid in about 12 hours before we could. Landon and I thought all hope was lost: we'd been in that situation before and lost. But, after four contracts and no house to show for our work, what did we have to lose? So, we went in with our best offer and crossed our fingers that it was higher than the first bid.

I was asleep this morning when Landon comes bounding into our room. "We got the house!" he says, while simultaneously trying to drag me out of bed for a hug. I am usually not a morning person--and this type of treatment would normally not make me happy--but for our first house, I can make an exception! It's now been almost an hour since we found out, and I'm no less excited.

We have a few more hurdles to jump, including the home inspection, the financing and signing more papers, but we're feeling confident. :)

Perhaps the House Saga of 2010 (and now 2011) is about to come to an end? Let's hope so!

our soon-to-be home sweet home!