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Captain Lulu

This past weekend, Landon and my sister took their kayaks out for just a little while during the brief (but always welcomed) sunshine and slight warmth. Amber just got her kayak, so she was excited to take it for a spin.

Good news: it's seaworthy!

Amber has a Cairn Terrier named Lulu that she rescued last October. She and Lulu are inseparable, so it's no surprise that Captain Lulu came along to commander the new kayak.

the view near my parents' house. I love the marsh!

Gary, I'm Going Out!

You may have seen "Music and Lyrics" with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. My sister and I LOVE it: we sing to all the songs, do the "Pop" dance and know all of the best quotes. But the best part of the whole movie is when Drew Barrymore's character, Sophie, goes to her sister's house, and tells her sister that she (Drew) has to go talk to this old 80s pop star, Alex Fletcher (Hugh) who's performing at a local hotel. The sister FLIPS OUT, and screams to her husband, "GARY, I'M GOING OUT!" (see video below at 1:08 or so!) Nevermind the fact that the sister is married with kids, and that she hasn't seen or heard the 80s band since, well, the 80s. She is still SO excited about meeting her teen idol.

Those teen crushes die hard.

I was totally that girl last night, and I'm absolutely not ashamed to admit it.

When I was fourteen, the Backstreet Boys' album Millenium came out amidst much boy band-mania. I remember when TRL hosted the BSB and the fans were so eager to see them perform that TRL actually had to blacken out their windows (poor Carson Daly--he probably never expected that his VJ job would put him in the line of so many crazy fans!).

My sister and I spent the entire summer of 1999 channel surfing between VH1 and MTV looking for the "I Want It That Way" video (this was way back in the dark ages when the music channels actually played music videos). We sang, we danced, we swooned. The particular object of our affections was the cute, blond Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter. At 19--five years older than my 14--he was worldly to us, and way, way, cuter than all those boys we saw at the Catholic school we attended.

Then, I got to go see the Backstreet Boys in concert in Atlanta. My parents hauled my sister and I and our two best friends to see them perform not once, but twice--once on the Millenium tour and then again the next year on the Black and Blue tour.

Boy band mania, and the Backstreet Boys, eventually died down (though the BSB kept putting out records). I went to college, got engaged (twice), married (once) and moved about a million times. All of that craziness seemed childish and far, far away from the awesome, super mature adult I now am (ha).

Then, my sister told me that Nick Carter was releasing another solo album, and (here's the clencher) he was coming to Charleston as one of the stops on his "I'm Taking Off" tour. Eeeeeeeek.

So, guess where we were last night??? At the Music Farm in downtown Charleston, singing and dancing our hearts out again. Nick Carter was a little older--but still cute--but then again, so were we. I'd like to think we're all maturing pretty well. And he can still sing, just like that 19-year-old my sister and I swooned over years ago.

We had the best time at his concert! He sang a good mix of stuff from his first solo album and the newest album, and even threw in a few Backstreet Boys hits. I never knew that Nick Carter could play the guitar--he picked up the guitar for several of the songs and played with the band. It was also nice to be in such a small venue since we could actually hear the concert (unlike at the huge stadium concerts where all you hear is screaming!). I was twenty feet away from Nick Carter. Oh, be still my little fourteen-year-old heart.

At my house before going to the Music Farm
"Is it time? Please tell me it's time!"
Amber during the concert
It's Nick Carter! And he's SOOO close!!!

And next in the lineup of favorite past bands, Landon and I (and maybe Amb) are going to see Third Eye Blind next week. I'm also campaigning for us all to go see Coldplay in Charlotte later this summer.

Do you have any favorite singers or bands you'd like to see in concert?