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King of the Swamp

Landon loves being outdoors: hunting, fishing, kayaking, random nature walks. You name it--he's all for it. He's been an avid hunter since he was just a little thing, long before I knew him, but he's usually hunted what I consider to be normal animals, mostly deer and turkeys. 

However, his love of nature and hunting took on an entirely new twist when two events happened: the show Swamp People came on, and South Carolina began offering entries to a lottery for alligator tags. 

And yes, Landon has entered the lottery for the last three years that South Carolina's Department of Natural Resources has offered the alligator tags. Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you're considering my poor heart that would have to deal with my husband out hunting something that could bit back), Landon hasn't won tags in the last two lotteries. We haven't found out about this year, but he's still gung ho on all things gator-related. 

So, that's why he had an alligator/ Swamp People themed 28th birthday party this past week!

My parents and sister decorated my parents' house to look like something out of the swamp, complete with camo table covering, an alligator pinata and green plates. 

And what is a swamp without a plastic snake or two? Of course, Landon had to wiggle the snake in front of the camera. Ew. (I don't care if it is plastic. It still looks like a snake!)

Amber and I spent one hot and sweaty afternoon on the porch painting Swamp People t-shirts. Landon's shirt read "King of the Swamp." (He wishes!) We also had "Cajun Princess" (Amber's, of course), "Choot 'Em!" (mine, complete with tiny painted rifle and alligator), "Dat's a Tree Shakah, Baby" (Mama's), and "got gator?" (Daddy's). It was really simple to do: we just bought a pack of swampy colored pocket t-shirts and used yellow fabric paint to add Swamp People sayings.

Amber is the baker of the group, so she volunteered her services to bake "Ol' Swampy." He's just a bunch of cupcakes covered in green frosting. The scales were chocolate Honey Grahams, the teeth and eyes were marshmallows and the claws were banana Runts. So cute (and tasty!).

Amber working on the appetizers. The camo party hat is a must for any aspiring chef!
Our menu?
Appetizers: Fried Alligator Tail (pretty good: like a chewier version of chicken)
Entrees: Chicken with Red Rice, plus Muffalettas for Landon and I (Oh, Corner Grocery in NOLA, how I wish you were closer to Charleston!)
Dessert: Ol' Swampy (above) and vanilla ice cream

Landon had a special birthday boy alligator hat that we made him wear.
All in all, a GREAT birthday party! I loved that we had leftover cupcakes from Ol' Swampy. Guess what's been my breakfast and snacks since then? :)