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16 Weeks

*Note: I'm actually in my 17th week today (01/02), but I wrote this up and took the pictures last week. Those crazy holidays got in the way of posting!

How far along? 16 weeks and 4 days
Total weight gain:  about 4 pounds. I'm a little under where I should be right now, but my OB says I'm still doing well. 
Maternity clothes: About half and half. I can fit into some of my pre-pregnancy shirts, but the maternity ones are super comfy. My mom was sweet and bought me a few during A Pea in the Pod's after Thanksgiving sale, and I love them. My beloved skirts are absolutely gone, as are most of my pre-preggy pants. I'm rocking the belly band on the pants that work with it: some of the pairs that have clasps instead of buttons don't seem to work with the belly band, so they've gone into storage. 
Sleep: Good. I've been fighting a cold for most of December, which makes me tired, but that's completely unrelated to pregnancy. 
Best moment this week: Opening all of Tadpole's Christmas gifts. This is one loved baby! Gigi and Papa Jay (my parents) gave Tadpole a lightweight stroller (perfect for our Disney trips!), a matching blanket and neck pillow, and a crib sheet set. Auntie Amb (my sister) gave us the cutest selection of baby onesies. Tadpole will be one well-dressed baby!
Miss anything? Deli meats. My OB said I could have them if 1) I bought them myself and 2) heated them up before I ate them, but I want a cold, Jimmy John's Godfather sandwich. And it won't taste right warmed up. :(
Movement:  Waiting! The OB said I should feel something anytime between now and my anatomy ultrasound at the end of January.
Food cravings:  Thin crust cheese pizza. Chicken Caesar salad wraps. Whole wheat bagels with chive and onion spread. (Clearly, I haven't turned the corner and gotten my sweet tooth back completely.)
Anything making you queasy or sick?  I'm back to normal! I haven't felt sick in weeks. 
Gender:  There's some serious betting going on around here! For boy, we have: my grandfather, my cousin Bonnie and her husband, Landon's co-worker, and the nurse at the OB office. For girl, we have my co-worker, two of my students, my sister and Landon. Luckily, I've pinned adorable clothing options for both!
Labor signs:  Nope. 

Symptoms: Belly band usage, moderate acne (hello, 10th grade), sleepiness.
Belly button in or out?  In. 
Wedding rings on or off?  On. 
Happy or moody most of the time:  Still happy!
Looking forward to: Feeling Tadpole kick.