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Girl or Boy? The Results are In! (20 Week Ultrasound)

The day has finally come!

Landon and I went to the baby doctor yesterday with our fingers crossed that Tadpole would be co-operating during the gender reveal. I even gave the baby a pep talk on the way home from work in the hopes that might increase our chances of finding out.

As soon as we got into the ultrasound room, the technician asked if we wanted to know, and we told her, "Definitely!"

She moved the ultrasound wand around for just a second, then asked, "So what do you think you're having?" Landon and I told her we'd both been having girl vibes, and the technician said, "We'll then you'd be right!"

We're having a baby girl!

We watched her squirm, kick and suck her thumb during the ultrasound. The entire experience was surreal, but amazing. Because of the way that she was sitting, the technician couldn't get all of the heart shots that she needed to get nor could she see where the umbilical cord was attached to the placenta, so I'll have to get another ultrasound in 2 weeks. While I don't want to take off more work at this point, I don't have a choice...plus, I get to see Britton again, which is always exciting!

Look at that little nose! And that's her hand up by her face.

I am so, so excited--not that I wasn't before, and not that I wouldn't have been if this baby I was carrying was a boy, but knowing for sure that the baby is a girl makes everything more real.

Welcome to the family, baby Britton!