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The Nursery, Version 1.0

I'm a planner. If Landon and I have a vacation, big work plans, or a party to throw, you can guarantee I'm off somewhere making a list and loving it. 

This baby has been no exception! From the moment that I found out we were expecting our little bundle of joy, I've been pinning to my baby Pinterest board and reading reviews on baby products like it's my job.

Our first big purchase? The crib! After lots of research, Landon and I chose the Graco 4-in-1 Lauren convertible crib in Espresso from Walmart. There was a great deal going on after Christmas, so we got the crib mattress bundled in with the crib for free.

The entire bundle was only $150, and I was a little wary because the crib was so much less expensive than the others we'd looked at, but the reviews were fantastic. I figured that, for $150, the crib didn't even have to make it to the toddler bed stage.

I think my worries were unfounded because the crib came in today, and it incredibly solid. It's even made of actual wood, not particle board. Yay for a good purchase!


The nursery's theme? Owls. We may also inject a little Harry Potter love into the nursery as we go along with a cute HP stuff I saw on Pinterest...but that's an entirely different post. :)

One of the first sets of items purchased for Tadpole, way back in October. My mom and dad gave this cute set to the baby for Christmas. 

Tadpole's first stuffed animal from my cousins Bonnie, Kevin, Kayla and Braxton.

Time to cruise in style! We're not buying an infant stroller, so this will serve us well when Tadpole gets a little bigger.