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Baby Hats!

One of the (completely superficial) things that I'm looking forward to most about baby Britton's debut is the baby accessories. I love my hairbands, braids, bows and clip-in flowers, so it's no stretch of the imagination for me to love Britton's accessories. Only what she will wear will be mini-sized, and we all know that mini-sized things are way cuter!

While there are tons of accessories that I'll eventually collect for my baby girl, I decided to start with baby hats. Why? For the simple reason that baby hats combine my love of accessories with my love of all things monogrammed.

After scouring Etsy, I found the perfect little hats at The Royal Princess store. They were affordable, adorable, and the owner, Heather, put up with all of my requests (all pictures below taken by/ are the property of The Royal Princess).

Britton is now the owner of three baby hats, one of which she'll wear home from the hospital (probably the tiger):

- a hat with her name on it and a mermaid:

A mermaid for my summer baby!
Who knows if she will have brown hair or not, but since Landon and I both have dark hair, I figured it was a safe bet.

- a hat with her name on it and a tiger

Go Tigers!

-a hat with her name on it (see a trend?) and an owl (see top left of picture)


I really, really hope the next sixteen weeks fly by so I can see Tadpole in these!

*Please note, I was in no way reimbursed for otherwise compensated for my thoughts on the Etsy store above. I just loved the products that I found and wanted to share the love.

Britton's Going-Home Outfit: the Ultimate Compromise

Landon loves his alma mater with a passion that nears irrationality. He lives and breathes Clemson University, even though he graduated almost five years ago. He is elated when the Tigers have a great win in football, and is miserable when they lose. He's got his diploma in a place of pride in our upstairs hall.

He should be proud of his time there--he worked hard to get that piece of paper, that huge ring he wears constantly, that priviledge to say, "I'm an alumnus of Clemson."

I'm proud of my accomplishments at Clemson as well. I had a wonderful four years there that I will always look back on fondly. My time at Clemson shaped the adult that I've become. The classes and teachers I had there prepared me for graduate school and my time in the working world.

So, what does all of this have to do with baby Britton's going-home outfit?


Landon loves Clemson so much (and is convinced that Britton will also be a fan) that he wants our baby's first outfit to be as Clemson-y as possible. I, on the other hand, want something classic, preferably monogrammed and white.

Landon's idea of what she should wear:

My idea of what she should wear:


Good thing we are compromising people.

Landon agreed that, as long as Britton has orange and purple going on somewhere in her outfit, he'll forfeit his previous ideas on the outfit. I agreed that, as long as there's a monogram and/or her name on it somewhere and there's not a football jersey in sight, the entire thing could be orange and purple (with a little white).

Here are a few of the items up for discussion currently:
Blue seersucker with orange monogram.
This bubble suit also comes in orange seersucker with a purple or white monogram, either of which are possibilities.
Orange and white chevron dress
I'd probably get a purple or navy monogram instead of the white to make it pop a bit more.
Smocked tiger bishop dress

Which of the compromise dresses do you think should win out?