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My Unexpected Tour of the Maternity Ward, Part I

I've been AWOL around here lately. We're starting our fourth quarter at school, I'm trying to get motivated to finish all of the things I need to do before the baby arrives, and life just wears me out these days.

I felt bad about letting my blog languish. I'd even gotten Landon to take my pictures so I could do another weekly pregnancy update (which clearly shows my commitment to the cause).

But then last Wednesday happened. I got up, went to school and taught as usual. I was a little tired when I got home, so I laid down for about an hour before Landon got off work. He'd gotten some great news at work, so we got ready and ate at our favorite local Italian place. After dinner, we went shopping for a few things, came back to the house, and had a quiet evening.

About 8 o'clock on Wednesday, I told Landon that I didn't feel well, and that I was going to bed early. As soon as I changed into my pajamas, my stomach started cramping horribly, and just as suddenly, I had to throw up. I'm seriously allergic to shellfish, and for a moment, I wondered if I had somehow accidentally gotten some shrimp or crab in my pasta dish from that night.

But usually, when I get allergy-related food poisoning, I barf and immediately feel better. This stomach thing was brutal. For the next six hours, I continued to be violently sick, with increasingly short intervals between each bout. At 2 AM on Thursday morning, I was so exhausted I could hardly see straight, and Landon insisted that we go to the emergency room.

I figured we'd go, get some fluids pumped into me, and get sent home. Oh, how wrong I was. The ER doctor took one look at my pregnant self and immediately recommended that I be admitted to the hospital because I'd gotten ahold of the superbug norovirus that's going around. By 5:30 Thursday morning, I'd been hooked up to an IV and had been wheeled on a gurney up to labor and delivery so that the maternity ward nurses could keep a better watch on me.

When someone who's pregnant gets that dehydrated, there's always the chance of pre-term labor, and my doctor didn't want any part of that, so I was given fluids. LOTS and LOTS of fluids.

The good news? I was working on being re-hydrated.

The bad news? I had no clue what was coming.

Check out part II tomorrow...