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30 Weeks

Another week has come and gone, and I'm seven days closer to meeting my daughter!

How far along? 30 weeks and 6 days
Total weight gain:  20 pounds. I'm basically avoiding the scale at this point, as the numbers are just terrifying.
Maternity clothes: I can still get away with any stretchy waistband pant or skirt, but maternity shirts are a must have. Since I can't go shopping for new clothes (or won't--I'm too close to the end to buy new maternity stuff), I've focused my attention on new sandals for the gorgeous spring weather.
Sleep: Generally, better. I've had a cold the last few days, so that's made me need a few more naps here and there.
Best moment this week: Spending an afternoon getting pampered with Landon. We got pedicures (no nail polish for Landon) with hot stone massage, then went out to eat, and followed that up with HUGE ice creams for dessert. I am so excited to meet Britton, but I will miss the spontaneous dates with Landon!
Miss anything? Bending over without hurting, being able to sleep through the night without having to get up and go to the bathroom, buying regular clothes!
Movement:  All the time! I'm not exactly sure what she's doing in there, but the tango, cross-country running practice, and martial arts are all strong possibilities.
Food cravings:  Nothing recently. I've eaten pretty much anything that people put in front of me.
Anything making you queasy or sick?  Nothing, as long as I remember to take my heartburn medicine!
Gender: Girl! Her name is Britton.
Labor signs: Nothing yet--only a few more weeks, and Britton can make her debut whenever she gets good and ready. Hang in there, baby girl!

Symptoms: the need to buy increasing amounts of baby clothes, heartburn, having to be hauled out of soft chairs (like the couch or papasan)
Belly button in or out? It is sooo close to being out. Half of it looks out while the other is still clearly in. Weird.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I can tell there's some swelling. Eek.
Happy or moody most of the time: Happy. Happy and excited.
Looking forward to: My first baby shower is this weekend! Hooray!