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We're in the Holiday Mood...Sort of

Normally, I'm all about Christmas.

I love buying presents and watching as my recipients open them.

I love getting presents (I'm not modest!).

I love seeing the twinkly lights that are hung all over town.

I don't love listening to the same old Christmas songs every year, but it's part of the process, so I embrace it. (The N*Sync Christmas album is the exception. That CD--which I bought from an actual record store in 1998--is pure listening gold.)

Last year, I pretty much tried to skip Christmas. I had an excuse, though. I was halfway through my pregnancy, and still dealing with relentless morning sickness. Who wants to deck the halls and stuff your face when you're constantly feeling like you might puke in the tinsel? We got a tree and we Landon decorated it. Baby Tadpole (we didn't even know it was Britton yet!) got lots and lots of fun things--things that we're using this Christmas, which I think is super cool. Christmas 2012 trundled along even though I couldn't give it my all, and I ended up having a pretty good holiday.

This year, I'm struggling again. Not because I'm sick like last year, or because I've decided I hate Christmas. I can't put my finger on the reason why, but it still doesn't feel like Christmas yet, even though we've started checking off the Christmas to-do list, like going to see Santa. And because of my lack of holiday mood, our house looked like it does the other eleven months in the year until last night.

I wanted to skip getting a tree this year (the horror! the horror!) because Britton is trying her dardest to crawl, the dog flies around here with abandon (usually skidding into furniture because our hardwood floors offer no traction), and the addition of baby stuff has made our tiny, 1100 sq. ft. house completely cramped.

Why bother? I thought. It will just get torn up by Britton/ the dog/ a combo of both. It will take too much time to decorate and put up, and heaven knows I have plenty of other things I need to be doing (like blogging, obvs).

But Landon, that wonderful husband of mine, insisted that we get a tree because it would make the house happier and Christmas-ier.

He was totally right. But don't tell him that I said that.

After Landon got off work last night, we went off into the chilly (for South Carolina) night to find our tree. Britton had just gotten up from her nap--which went late into the afternoon because Britton wasn't feeling well from her 6 month immunizations she'd gotten earlier--and was in a pretty good mood considering that I'd made her get three shots only hours before.

Landon and I broke from tradition and got a Douglas fir this year instead of a Fraser. Neither of us has ever had anything other than a Fraser, but the Douglas firs on the lot were so much fuller and greener. They smell a little different than the Fraser firs, but that's why I've got my awesome Fraser fir candle to burn, right?

Britton approves! She grumpily evaluated all of the other trees, but smiled when we got to this one. Coincidence? I think not.
Clockwise from upper left: 1) Britton's standards of tree purchasing are extremely strict. 2) The tree made it home and through half of the light stringing. 3) The tree in the sunlight. 4) Our tinseled mantle + our crocheted stockings.
Clearly, we didn't get too deeply into the decorating. We made it through the lights and the tinsel before Britton needed to go to bed; she was up half the night with a little temperature because of her vaccinations, so I've been limping along this morning. We might get some more decorations on the tree tonight--or we might not.

At least Britton's first Christmas won't be a total bust!