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Guess Who's Seven Months Old?

seven month old baby

Okay, so there weren't too many people around here in the running:

But it's Britton!

Landon and I have successfully kept her clothed, (generally) happy and (more or less) in one piece for over half a year.

And what a fun ride it's been so far.

seven month old baby

In addition to the things I learned at five months, and the big surprise Britton gave us at six months, here are seven things that came along with her turning the big seventh-twelfths.

7) It's amazing how much a little hair changes a baby's looks from a wrinkly newborn to a "hey-it's-a-little-human." While she doesn't have a ton of hair, there's some fluffy light brown/ blonde/ auburn-if-you-squint-hard hair coming in. At this point, I have no clue what color her hair's going to end up as.

6) Diaper changes are no joke and require at least four arms and twelve eyes. Britton has became a master at trying to wriggle up/ around/ away during her changing sessions. I'm beginning to believe that, to her, taking a nose dive off of the changing table is better than getting her diaper changed. Diaper changes are so last year.

5) Scratching a cardboard box is infinitely more fun than playing with those baby toys. The only thing that compares to scratching a box would be banging on mama's computer while she frantically tries to save the blog post she's working on. (True story.)

4) For all you breastfeeding mamas out there, the moment that first baby tooth breaks through, you'll swear latching on hurts now. I know it's all in my head!

3) Books are for eating, not for reading. Much to my chagrin, Britton did not immediately delve into the baby classics that she got for Christmas, but rather sampled each of them by cramming them in her mouth. Baby steps, people, baby steps.

2) I'm pretty sure that Britton loves me (or at least sees me as some sort or irreplaceable nutrition/ comfort), but I'm positive that she's in love with the dog. I will wait on her hand and foot all day with nary a smile, but the dog walks through the living room and shakes, and Britton's all like, "I've found the meaning of life, and it wears a Disney World-themed collar."

1) The sleeping thing will get better. And then it will get worse again. This cycle will continue until you think you're destined for the crazy house (known as "driving me up Bull Street" around these parts). Don't worry. You won't actually go crazy. You'll just forget where you put everything and wear clothes that were supposed to be washed but somehow you forgot that and hung them back up again. So, your shirt has a huge barf stain on it. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...