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McClellanville, South Carolina: Charleston's Gorgeous Fishing Village

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Happy Monday, everyone!

Landon and I enjoyed a great weekend: we watched "Captain Phillips" (excellent), we painted the bookshelf that Landon built last week (reveal to come in a few days!), and we made it to the party that we tried to go to last weekend (more on that here).

Britton and I in our party gear--I triple checked that we were showing up on the right day at the right time! (Also, I'm wearing outfit #3 from my new mommy wardrobe.)
We also made time to meander on out to McClellanville, which is about half an hour or so from downtown Charleston; it's a tiny fishing/ shrimping village of about 500 people.

mcclellanville south carolina

Originally, it was a place where local planters came to enjoy the cooler coastal breezes, but more recently, it made headlines as the place where Hurricane Hugo hit land in 1989. (Hugo, at the time, was the most costly hurricane to hit the U.S., and it battered the South Carolina coastline. We were living inland at the time, and I can remember crouching in the hallway of our house as this horrendous storm raged outside. Seriously scary.)

Looking down Pinckney Street

Anyway, McClellanville took some hits--including the loss of many of the historical homes located there--but it's bounced back in a big way in the last twenty years. There's a thriving arts council, which hosts dances, stained glass making classes, and photography shows; several cute shops line the main road; Charleston's own gourmet sea salt line is produced here; and you can't beat the local seafood.

mcclellanville south carolina
The St. James-Santee Chapel of Ease

It's the perfect blend of rural and town, and Landon and I are seriously considering moving there in a few years. I can just imagine Britton running around on a big lot and playing in a treehouse out back.

Scattered around town are these beautiful old churches and houses. Landon and I didn't have any plans really, once we made the drive out there, so we drove around while Britton napped.

mcclellanville south carolina
Bethel AME

I got to take some pictures while Landon scoped out potential lots (that we totally can't afford right now, but that's beside the point, right?!).

mcclellanville south carolina

We compared notes on what we wanted in a lot (Landon: big oak trees; me: no snakes) and what our future house absolutely had to have (fireplaces, at least three bedrooms, an open floorplan). We're actively working towards our "forever home" through our debt snowball, but we're still 18-24 months out from making the house buying a reality (until then, we'll keep renovating our little townhouse).

After we got our fill of looking around McClellanville, we headed over to Pinckney Street (the main road) to eat at T.W. Graham's for dinner. Landon and I noticed that everyone else there seemed to know each other, which seems impossibly quaint and awesome. I've never lived anywhere that small!

mcclellanville south carolina

If you're ever traveling on highway 17 between Charleston and Myrtle Beach, plan to stop by McClellanville for lunch and a little wandering!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?