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Pinterest Fail Friday: Black Bean Brownies

I promised another Financial Friday today, but this week completely threw Landon and I for a loop. Because he was off Wednesday for the snow and ice, yesterday felt like a Monday. We were running around last night, trying to get the last few supplies to start working on the cabinet doors for our built-in bookshelf while simultaneously getting our fussy baby to bed...and then it was 10:45 and we were exhausted.

I guess that's what I get for not reminding Landon to write the piece earlier this week. I'm blaming the winter weather.

Anyway, Financial Friday will resume in a few weeks.

Today, I'm doing a Pinterest Fail Friday!

Hopefully, you'll learn something and will save yourself the time, energy, and money as you actively avoid this recipe.

The recipe in question today: Black Bean Brownies.

The pin picture is what originally caught my eye. The brownies look so moist and delicious. When I saw the caption touting these brownies as healthy (because of the black beans) and flourless, I thought, "Sounds awesome! I get to have my cake brownies and eat them too!"

I clicked over to the original poster's page and became even more excited when I read her descriptions of the brownies:
My family has enjoyed these brownies not once, not twice, but three times since I discovered this recipe. That’s how good they are.
Even my most ficklest of fickle children went bonkers over these.

So, off to the store I went, shopping list in hand. Landon was extremely dubious about how I could sneak black beans into a brownie without anyone noticing.

I should have listened to him.

One trip to the store, 15 minutes of prep time, 30 minutes of baking, and an hour of waiting later, I dove into the brownies. I'd followed the recipe exactly (since I've read some other horror stories about Pinterest fails when people tried to substitute ingredients in the original recipe).

They certainly looked good enough--just like the picture from the original pin.

And then I bit into one.

I immediately spit it out.

It did not taste like a brownie. It didn't even taste like a healthy brownie.

It tasted like chalk. Chalk that I sprinkled with cocoa and then smushed into squares.

In all fairness, the original poster did say:
The texture is a bit… off. Not off in a bad way, just not exactly what you would get out of a boxed-mix brownie. They are rich and dense, however, and not at all like cake. 
She is 100% correct. The texture is off. Only it's in a very bad way.

Maybe if you like your brownies to be the texture of gritty mud, you will love these babies.

Unlike the original poster, my family couldn't even make it through the first pan. They went down the garbage disposal, and I felt a little bad about wasting all of those wonderful chocolate chips.

I'm going to stick to my full fat, full flour, non-beany brownies for now. Unless you're brave, I'd suggest you avoid this pin like the plague and find some other brownies to put your precious chocolate in.

Do you have a Pinterest fail? Share in the comments!