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We Might Be Friends If...

If you met me in real life, we might be friends if...

  1. You're a fellow Anglophile. 
  2. You're always planning your next trip, even when you've got no money for vacations. You never know when money will just appear, and you always want to be prepared!
  3. You love to read, and you'll happily have loads of conversations about our favorite books. 
  4. You know that no one's life was dramatically improved by having an immaculate house all the time.
  5. You know that sparkles and/or glitter make any outfit better.
  6. Likewise, you know that sprinkles make all ice cream better.
  7. You think that an excellent education is the foundation for a better future--for you, for your kids, for anyone.
  8. You have no clue what a "good" wine is supposed to taste like, and you're okay with that.
  9. Your hair accessory collection requires its own organizer.
  10. You love Disney World to an irrational degree, even though you're a grown-up.
  11. You love dogs.
  12. You talk too much. But only in person.
  13. You understand how much I hate talking on the phone and the lengths that I will go to avoid it.
  14. People hate going to the library or the bookstore with you because you take so long in there.
  15. You've thought, on more than one occasion, about the logistics surrounding a complete life change--as in, you pick up your family and move to another country, just to see what it would be like there.
  16. People have described you as "overly enthusiastic" about life. 
  17. You've considered homeschooling your children.
  18. You can go days, weeks, or even months without turning on the television. Read a book instead!
So, would I make the cut to be BFFs with you? What qualities do your friends have to have?