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Pinterest Fail Friday: Slow Cooked Bacon Cheese Potatoes

On my list of favorite meals, cheese fries from Outback would rank very, very high. What's not to love about all of that crispy, ranch-y, cheese-y, bacon-y deliciousness?

Why Living with a Young Baby is Like Being in a Scary Movie

raising a newborn

You might not immediately put the words "new baby" and "scary movie" together, but trust me, you have more in common as a new parent with your favorite spooky movie than you might think.

Oh-My-Gosh-I'm-Late-Again Breakfast Casserole

budget saving breakfasts

I try really hard to be on time. I really do.

But trying and actually being on time are two different things.

Add in the fact that I'm not a morning person, and you've got a recipe for a harried, stressful time whenever I have to get up and go somewhere early.

All-White Master Bathroom Renovation: The Plans

Our bathroom really shouldn't be called a master bathroom. Seriously. It just doesn't deserve the name. 

For starters, it's tiny--5' x 8'. There are no windows. The poorly laid tile has disintegrating grout (thanks, previous owners). You can't get out of the shower if someone else is at the sink. It's hard to access half of the storage under the countertop since the cabinet doors hit the side of the toilet. 

In short, it's anything but masterful.

A Billion Entrepreneurs: a Movie, a Movement, a Call to Action

Lemonade stands.

Etsy stores.


What do all of these things have in common?

They're all entrepreneurial ventures.

Gardening without a Green Thumb

I am many things (a list too awesome and all-encompassing to list here), but a master gardener I am not. Whatever the opposite of a green thumb is (a withered thumb? a missing thumb? a red thumb?), that's what I have.

I've always wanted to grow my own veggies and fruits. However, I had a nasty history of buying all of my materials, planting my seeds (or small plants, depending on how rich I was at the time), watering them, putting them out in the sun, and waiting for them to grow.

A Good Day

A good day around here means:

Buying a Fixer-Upper: 5 Things To Consider

Back in 2011, Landon and I decided to make the leap into homeownership. We bought a 2-bedroom, 2-bath townhouse, which (at the time) was the perfect size for us. It was in an awesome location--near our jobs, shopping, and the beach--but it wasn't in awesome condition. The townhouse was definitely a fixer-upper, but for the selling price, we knew we'd save enough money to be able to do plenty of repairs and upgrades.

From the Family Archive: Love Stories

Finding the one person you want to spend the rest of your life with is no small task.

The ways that people meet say a lot about them as a couple, and it's fun to hear how others made that connection happen.

Two Engagements, One Wedding, and a Baby: Our Journey to Happiness

It's nearly Valentine's Day, so it's that time of year to get all mushy-gushy about mine and Landon's story.

I wanted to write a post about the ten-year journey that brought Landon and I to where we are today, but, after looking back in my archives, I found out that I already wrote it quite some time ago. (See the original post here.)

Since I've got quite a few new readers (hi, all--and welcome!), I thought I'd break this post out of the archives and recycle it just in time for Val-Day.

So, without further ado, the epic story for the ages of how Landon and I met:

5 Most Memorable Travel Moments

I love living in Charleston. It's warm nearly year 'round, the people are friendly, and there are more historic events and buildings than you could ever hope to learn about in a lifetime.

But I also like getting away to see what going on in places other than my little corner of the world. Blame my parents, who were very serious about the annual family road trip. As a child, I went to every state on the eastern U.S. seaboard (mostly in the back of our navy blue '89 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight. Sweet car!), Canada, the Bahamas, and Mexico. As I got older, I began to take trips both with and without my parents, and my constant wanderlust really began to take root.

Along the way, I've learned that every trip is different, even if you've been to the destination a hundred times before. I've realized that the world is much smaller than we'd all like to think, and that people are more or less the same everywhere. Some are nice, some are butts, and some just want you to keep to yourself.

Of all the places I've gone, and of all the experiences I've had, here are five that have made the biggest impressions on me--and the five that always keep me planning for my next trip.

What I Think: A Review of Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go

Aside from having one of the best names in contemporary British Literature, Kazuo Ishiguro is an unforgettable writer. I've read two of this books, and both were thought-provoking and original.

The book that I've got in my cross-hairs today is Never Let Me Go. It's not a new book, but I haven't run into too many people who've read it, which really is a shame.

Budget Date Nights (or, Valentine's Day for the Cheapskates Amongst Us)

Are you still trying to figure out what you're doing for Valentine's Day? I know I still am. Landon and I aren't super big on over-the-top expressions of love, but we'll do something usually.

We stay pretty low key and low budget--this year because of our debt snowball, but in the past, we've done low budget Valentine's Day celebrations because we were in college/ grad school and completely, totally broke.

8 Months Old...and Mobile

Landon and I are in trouble. And in a big way. 

Britton may be tiny, but she's got SO much personality (more to come on that) and willpower. She's also decided that sitting still is for busters, so we spent most of our time trying to corral her into any area to play without anything too dangerous.

So, what's life like with an eight month old?

Gone Fishin': Or, My Sister's Journey into the Online Dating Pool

My sister and I are close--like finish each other's sentences close, like we share each other's clothes close.

(We weren't always this way. Cross reference the time my sister stabbed me with a pen. She was six.)

We've been there through everything as adults, and now we're those annoying people who live in the same town and meet up every week. We even have a nearly unbreakable date every week for Sisters' Night. We've also been known to take Sisters' Trips (the most recent was to Universal Studios).

42 Ways to Tell If You're a Charleston Native

Charleston South Carolina
{photo source}
I've had the pleasure of calling Charleston, South Carolina my home since I was born.

Other than a short spell when I was a little kid and my time at college/ law school/ grad school, I've lived in this sunny, historic, awesome corner of the world.

With all of the influx of new Charlestonians, it's becoming harder and harder to find an actual born-and-raised native. However, if you look hard enough, you'll find us!

You might be a Charleston native if...

World's Best Potato Salad

We had a jam packed weekend. 

For starters, Landon put the doors on the bookshelf cabinets. See the finished product here! I'm so happy with how it turned out.