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42 Ways to Tell If You're a Charleston Native

Charleston South Carolina
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I've had the pleasure of calling Charleston, South Carolina my home since I was born.

Other than a short spell when I was a little kid and my time at college/ law school/ grad school, I've lived in this sunny, historic, awesome corner of the world.

With all of the influx of new Charlestonians, it's becoming harder and harder to find an actual born-and-raised native. However, if you look hard enough, you'll find us!

You might be a Charleston native if...

  1. The smell of pluff mud reminds you of backyard barbecues, oyster roasts, kayaking, and boat trips with friends.
  2. You can remember when the Charleston Place was called the Charleston Omni.
  3. You remember when hardly anyone ventured past Marion Square to go shopping on Upper King. 
  4. You know what the beaches look like when they aren't covered in vacationers. 
  5. You drove over the old Grace Memorial Bridge and panicked the entire time because it was so narrow.
  6. You've kayaked out to the islands in the harbor, only to realize that you shouldn't be there since they're protected bird sanctuaries.
  7. Snow, ice, or sleet is cause for celebration.
  8. You remember when Park Circle was just another little North Charleston neighborhood. 
  9. You saw a movie in the American Theatre on King Street.
  10. You remember a time before cupcakes from Cupcake, cookies and pies from Sugar, and doughnuts from Glazed.
  11. You drove through Mount Pleasant when it only had two lanes.
  12. You remember when the South Carolina Aquarium opened.
  13. You had an opinion during the controversy over the construction of the James Island Connector. 
  14. You've cut your foot on an oyster bed while playing in the pluff mud.
  15. You tried to find out where the stars of "The Notebook," "The Legend of Bagger Vance," and "Cold Mountain" were during filming.
  16. You know what gigging is. 
  17. You've got "your" spot at your favorite beach--which is usually a good ways from the tourists.
  18. You ever checked out a book from the old library downtown. 
  19. You shopped at Burlington Coat Factory when it was in West Ashley. 
  20. You've been to a graduation, recital, play, or concert at the Sotille Theatre.
  21. You had to shop for your Carolina or Clemson gear at the actual university because Palmetto Moon, Carolina Girls, and Carolina on King didn't exist.
  22. You ever considered taking a ride on the Coburg cow (or were actually brave enough to do it). 
  23. You know where the Washout is (and you know that it has nothing to do with laundry).
  24. You've had an argument with someone about which beach is better: Folly, Isle of Palms, or Sullivans.
  25. You went to the haunted house in the old library after it closed. 
  26. You've got a Hugo story. 
  27. You got to Daniel Island using the Clements Ferry Road exit because the Daniel Island exit didn't exist yet. 
  28. You own a kayak, surfboard, or kite boarding equipment, and use them year-round.
  29. You dressed up in a ridiculous outfit/ costume to support your high school in the annual Sertoma game.
  30. You were born in the St. Francis Xavier hospital downtown.
  31. You went on a field trip to the Yorktown, the Gibbes, the Dock Street Theatre, and at least two of the plantations during your K-12 years. 
  32. You considered anything beyond the Isle of Palms Connector in Mount Pleasant to be rural. 
  33. You remember when the building at the corner of Calhoun and Coming Streets was Bishop England High School, not the College of Charleston library. 
  34. Benne wafers or cheese straws are at every social gathering.
  35. You've participated in the Dunleavy's Polar Bear Plunge on New Year's Day. 
  36. You've lived within sight of a marsh, waterway, inlet, or ocean at some point in your life. 
  37. You requested that your parents take you to Citadel Mall or Northwoods Mall to hang out with your friends. 
  38. You remember when the City Market wasn't glassed in and air conditioned.
  39. You own at least one sweetgrass basket, and you know how to make them yourself (or you have a friend who can make one for you!).
  40. There was a time when you didn't know anyone who lived on Daniel Island. 
  41. You went to a College of Charleston basketball game in the Carolina First Arena (not the TD Arena).
  42. You had to drive to Atlanta or Charlotte to catch a flight anywhere.