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8 Months Old...and Mobile

Landon and I are in trouble. And in a big way. 

Britton may be tiny, but she's got SO much personality (more to come on that) and willpower. She's also decided that sitting still is for busters, so we spent most of our time trying to corral her into any area to play without anything too dangerous.

So, what's life like with an eight month old?

She's always hungry. Her favorite foods include: (edible) bananas, salsa, pickles (yes, really), apples, kiwis, cinnamon oatmeal, beans, carrots; (inedible) dog fur, small sticks, power cords, Mama's glasses. She will eat ANYTHING, so I have to watch her all the time when she's playing. She also gets furious at us if we don't feed her something when we're eating. It's like, "gosh, Mom, don't you know that eating in front of people is rude?"

Most of the time, I try to make her a baby version of whatever we're eating so she doesn't spaz. For example, when we had bean and cheese burritos the other night, I made her some non-salted refried beans and non-salted Spanish rice. She loves all of the other spices that go into those dishes (garlic, cumin, onion, etc.) and her pediatrician told me to let her try whatever as long as it's low in sugar and salt, so we go with the crazy flavored baby stuff. When we all sat down to eat our burritos, I put some special, non-salt refried beans and rice on her high chair tray along with some small pieces of cheese and soft taco and let her have fun. She ate all of it!

She still nurses five or so times a day, but solids are her real love. 

She knows what she wants. Britton has figured out very recently that Landon and I will jump if she starts fussing. SUCKAS. 

She's totally playing us and can do the best fake cry that you've ever seen if she is bored of playing/ tired of being held/ being lazy and wants us to pick up the toy she just dropped. 

The level of drama around here has increased one hundred fold since Britton was a baby because she looooooves to start something. 

Mommy's not providing enough fun items to play with fast enough? Fake cry. Daddy's making me eat baby food while everyone else gets french fries? Stank eye. (See picture below for classic example.)

She is ridiculously personable. For the most part, she loves everyone and will happily bestow smiles on anyone within eyesight. She loves waving hello and goodbye at anything that moves, including the dog. She also finds it hilarious when we high five her, and sometimes (if prompted) she'll high five us back.

She will talk with/ coo to you if she's got something to tell you, and her repertoire ranges from "aiaiaiaidot" to "phfffffffflttt" to "mamamama" (which doesn't mean anything yet, as far as we can tell). She knows the signs for "eat" and "milk," and gets super excited when we sign either of them to her.

However, if she's tired or hungry, watch out. (See previous two comments.) 

Her schedule's regulating...finally! I am attempted (and lost miserably) at putting Britton on a schedule since she was born. We were almost ALMOST there and then she started teething and everything fell apart. (Though, now that I think about it, the non-sleeping was also around the time she ran into this woman in Savannah who told us Britton to give us a run for our money at seven months. Coincidence or bad juju?) 

She'll now sleep from about 8 PM (after a book/ bath/ nursing routine) until 5 AM. I'll feed her again and she's back out until 8 AM. Naps are at 10 AM and 3 PM and last between 45 minutes and an hour. That, my friends, is a sustainable schedule for a sleep-deprived Mama.

Okay, I'm totally over this photo shoot. Let's go eat some more socks!
She thinks she's ready for the Olympics. Britton went from doing this funny soldier crawl, which only used her arms, to a full-on crawl in a matter of days. She loves to zoom around the living room/ kitchen (usually trying to find things to eat like the dog's bone and/or the computer power cord), and she especially likes crawling to greet someone when we have a visitor. She can book it! 

Her next trick has been pulling herself up. We've already had to lower her crib because she tried to climb out of it one time and got stuck (i.e. she figured out what she was doing halfway through the stunt and decided she hated it, but couldn't figure out how to let go and fall onto the mattress). Britton thinks it's hilarious if you help her "walk" by hold her arms for balance; she'll make these crazy, exaggerated steps while she beams with pride.

In the last month, there have been some trying moments, like the time when Britton and I went to eat at Chick-fil-A with Landon, my sister, my parents, and my grandparents. She decided that she wanted my chicken sandwich and fries rather than the peaches that I'd brought her. After spitting the peaches at me, she proceeded to start yelling at the top of her lungs, and everyone in the restaurant stared at me as I hustled her outside. Sorry, baby, I don't care how made it makes you--you cannot eat a fried chicken sandwich and waffle fries yet. 

But there've also been some amazing times, too. I love when Britton gets clingy every night before bed. To the chagrin of her dad, Britton will only want to snuggle with me. I also love when Britton figures out I'm in a different room and turbo-crawls towards me with a huge smile on her face. In general, she is a super happy baby and a joy to be around. I love watching her learn and test out the things around her!

How could you not love this sweet face?
It seems as if eight months puts her in the "big baby" category--I don't know why. Perhaps because so many aspects of her personality are developing, and she acts more like a lively toddler than a still, sleepy newborn. I can't believe that we're so close to her first birthday!

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