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Fun Ideas for a Cheap Couples Night Out Anywhere in the World

Fun Ideas for a Cheap Couples Night Out Anywhere in the World | CosmosMariners.com

Are you still trying to figure out what you're doing for your next couples night out (or planning head for Valentine's Day)? I know I still am. Landon and I aren't super big on over-the-top expressions of love, but we'll do something usually.

We stay pretty low key and low budget--this year because of our debt snowball, but in the past, we've done low budget Valentine's Day celebrations because we were in college/ grad school and completely, totally broke.


If you're like us, and saving up for something else other than a fancy dinner, or if you're just cheap (or if you're really not sure you even like your date but you're going through it because it's less awkward), here are a few cheap-o date ideas for your next couples night out.

  • Go to an art gallery. In many cities, these are free. Here in Charleston, we have a few, including the Gibbes Museum, which has some pretty great local/ regional artists. The Gibbes does cost money, but it's less than the price of a movie ticket (have you been to the movies lately!?!? You've got to take a loan out to go on a date!). No matter if you're on your first date or your five hundredth, I think it's interesting to talk about your responses to different pieces of art. It's amazing the emotions, memories, and opinions that art can bring to the surface!

  • Do one of those BYOB painting classes. What could be more fun than drinking some wine and painting (badly, in my case)? Not only are these classes inexpensive, but there are light-hearted enough even for a first date, and different enough for us old married folk.

  • Pack a picnic. We're lucky enough here in Charleston to have pretty mild weather throughout the winter (for the most part--Snowpocalypse 2014 was a fluke), so it's not out of the question to have a picnic outside here for Valentine's Day. Live somewhere with a more dramatic winter? Bring the picnic fun inside! Build a fire, lay a blanket out on the floor, and dine inside-fresco (totally just made that up). Indoors or out, planning a romantic picnic is easy: get one of these picnic baskets or backpacks, fill it with crackers, fancy cheese (none of that packaged string stuff), and fresh fruit. 

  • Take a walk at a local lake, beach, or park. No matter where you live, you've got to have some sort of nature near you. Use it to your advantage! As long you're not experiencing a blizzard, you can bundle up, hold hands, and take a romantic stroll. 

  • Have a talented friend serenade you. Do you know someone who can tickle the ivory? Or someone who can play the violin like Joshua Bell (if you actually know Joshua Bell, even better!)? See if he or she will do you a HUGE favor and come play for you and your sweetie while you eat a meal at home. Landon's best friend, who is an amazing violinist, did this for us when we were all totally broke college freshmen, and it was wonderful!

  • Go on a mini-shopping spree...together. Give each other a limited budget ($5 or $10) and a time limit (say, 30 minutes) and set each other loose in a Target, Walmart, or a similar store. Landon and I have done this before, and it's always SO MUCH FUN to see what the other person's gift ends up being. This is a situation where the thought totally counts, and the results can be hilarious!
Hopefully this will help you plan some fun (and usual) date nights. Have you ever gone on a cheap couples night out?

Fun Ideas for a Cheap Couples Night Out Anywhere in the World | CosmosMariners.com

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