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Oh-My-Gosh-I'm-Late-Again Breakfast Casserole

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I try really hard to be on time. I really do.

But trying and actually being on time are two different things.

Add in the fact that I'm not a morning person, and you've got a recipe for a harried, stressful time whenever I have to get up and go somewhere early.

After grabbing a pack of crackers (which is not good for me) or an apple (which is good for me but guaranteed to send me hunting after a snack less than an hour after I eat it) for breakfast one too many mornings in a row, I decided to get organized.

Enter the World's Most Delicious Breakfast Casserole. I know I say that about all of my recipes, like the World's Best Potato Salad that I posted about a few weeks back, but seriously, they are!

I wouldn't share something that I called The Sort-of Good Meal That Is Kind-of Bland and Really Should Only Be Eaten If There Are Literally No Other Options in the Cupboard Except That Pack of Stale Saltines You Bought When You Were Sick.

So, World's Most Delicious Breakfast Casserole it is. We also dubbed this the Oh-My-Gosh-I'm-Late-Again Breakfast Casserole (we're really into titles, apparently) because it's perfect for when we're running around like crazy and need something quick, yummy, and hot to start our day off.

I'll make a big pan of this casserole, cut it into squares after it's cooled, then put each square into a Ziploc baggie. Half of the baggies go into the refrigerator for that week's breakfasts, and the other half go into the freezer for future mornings.

It freezes really, really well: 3ish minutes in the microwave, and bam! good as new.

Plus, it's super budget friendly, as the entire casserole can feed two of us for almost two weeks of breakfasts. Usually, we'll each eat a square, have a glass of milk, grab an apple for the car ride, and head on out to wherever we need to go. Easy AND delicious!

What's your go-to breakfast?