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World's Best Potato Salad

We had a jam packed weekend. 

For starters, Landon put the doors on the bookshelf cabinets. See the finished product here! I'm so happy with how it turned out. 

We also had a Super Bowl party at my parents' house (which mostly consisted of us eating and playing with the baby since we weren't really pulling for either team). It was 70 degrees here (yay for warm weather again! No more snow!), and I took the bike I got for Christmas for a spin outside.

I can't wait until I can get Britton a bike carrier so she can come another for some fun.

Anyway, after the sun-shine-loving and the new-bike-riding, it was time to eat our Super Bowl food. My contribution? 

Only the world's best potato salad. 

It's my grandma's recipe, which she passed down to my dad, who passed it down to me. 

I love this recipe because there's not a whole lot of stuff in it, which allows for the delicious potato flavor to shine through. 

It's also really easy, especially if you have an awesome person that you can rope into peeling potatoes with you. :)

World's Best Potato Salad

8-12 potatoes
3-4 eggs
3-4 TB sweet pickle relish
1 onion, minced
1/2 - 3/4 cup Duke's mayonnaise (accept no substitutes!)
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Peel your potatoes. 
2. Cut each potato into large hunks. I aim for about 6 pieces in a small potato, and 10 pieces in a large potato. 

3. Bring a pot of water to a boil and add salt. Add potatoes and boil on high for 10 minutes. When you can cut the potato hunk with a fork, it's ready. Don't overboil or they will be too mushy.
4. While the potatoes are boiling, fill another pot with warm water. Drop in the eggs. Bring the water and eggs to a boil. When the water starts boiling, put a timer on for 10 minutes. When the timer goes off, pull the pot off the stove and let it cool for a few minutes. 

5. Peel the eggs (it's easier when they're hot), then roughly chop. Put eggs in a mixing bowl along with minced onion, salt, pepper, mayo, and pickles. 

6. By this point, the potatoes should be done. Drain in a colandar and rinse with cold water to stop cooking. When the potatoes are cool-ish, add to mixing bowl. . 

7. Carefully fold all ingredients together. DON'T beat the potatoes or you'll have mashed potatoes instead of potato salad. Add additional salt and pepper to taste. Chill until you're ready to serve. 
It's not the prettiest thing, but it sure is tasty!
Note: the potato salad is usually better the second day, so make it ahead if you want the flavors to have a chance to meld a little more. Beware: it might not make it to the next day! :) 

Did you watch the Super Bowl? Were you happy with the outcome?