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A Good Day: A Blog Linkup

It's my first ever blog linkup! Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm super awesome. :) See the bottom of the post for the link up. 

A good day around here means:

...getting a new freelance writing job. It's with a Charleston magazine and definitely the biggest exposure I've had locally. I love Charleston, and being able to write about its many features and inhabitants is pretty awesome.

...seeing my little baby grow up into a big baby. Seriously, how is she halfway through her 9th month already?!

...counting down the days until Britton's first Disney trip. We'll be going around Christmas, and I couldn't be more excited. It's going to be a family ordeal since my parents and sister will be going with us. This arrangement will be perfect since my mom hates thrill rides: she's more than happy to hang out with Britton while the rest of us ride Space Mountain and Tower of Terror. Eight more months until I'm wearing my Mickey ears again!

...starting to plan an exciting new vacation for next spring. I can't share the details just yet as we're very, very early in the planning logistics, but I will tell you that it will involve a fairly long plane ride (and some minimalist, creative packing). 

...losing the last of the baby weight. I plan on going to the beach all summer long with Britton--and I don't want to feel self-conscious. Since warm weather is right around the corner, it's time to start thinking about getting in a bathing suit for the first time in two years! (Guess how many times I even thought about a swimsuit last summer? That's right. NONE.)