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Disney World: Tips for Traveling with a Baby or Toddler

traveling with family to Walt Disney World

We're roughly seven months out from Britton's first trip to Disney World, and I am already getting antsy. Can't we just go now?!

Sadly, we cannot, as there are no Christmas decorations, cool weather, or minimal crowds currently. (And we're going in early December specifically for all of those reasons!)

Easter 2014

As with any good holiday, this Easter was jam packed with family and food. (Seriously, that's the basis for any successful social gathering in my option. Throw in some glitter and you're getting close to the party of the century.)

DIY Easy Ruffled Sundress

ruffled sundress tube top

I'm one of those weird people who dreamed of wearing matching outfits with her baby while she was pregnant. I occasionally perused the Lilly Pulitzer online store, pointing out potential Easter/ Carolina Cup ensembles for our soon-to-be born daughter and I. 

While I haven't yet seen those LP dresses, as Britton's still growing so fast she'd probably only wear it once, I still have high hopes of matching outfits this summer. 

Lucky for me, I've found a SUPER easy DIY sundress that I can whip up in a million colors for Britton, and the same basic procedure will net me a matching strapless top! If you had enough fabric (and a little more time), you could make an adult-sized ruffled sundress, too.

10 Months Old... Going on 10 Years

My little baby is ten months old! And what a change the last month has made...

Florida Bound!

I love traveling. My dream would be to travel around the world, more or less constantly.

My desire to visit new places is always tempered by real life stuff, like Landon being able to get vacation time off, budgets, and day-to-day responsibilities. (Oh, who needs to pay the mortgage when there are places to go?! I kid, I kid.)

Clemson University Baby

On September 7, 2009, Landon and I got engaged in Clemson University's Carillon Gardens. It's a beautiful spot in the middle of campus, and it was halfway between East campus and West campus. Since we lived on either side of campus while we were dating during our undergrad years, we'd meet in the middle to talk.