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10 Months Old... Going on 10 Years

My little baby is ten months old! And what a change the last month has made...

Britton has discovered her own will. Before, she was a complacent, (nearly) motionless little baby who only got angry if she was hungry or tired.

Now--oh, now--Britton has figured out the basic idea of possession and opinion, and we are ALL mere puppets in Britton's hands. She's still that sweet, loveable, crazy baby that I've had the pleasure of parenting these last ten months, but I can see the first strains of toddlerhood breaking through with her occasional fits of temper. My house/ car keys are a particular trigger point, as Britton is nearly positive that she should be able to play with them all of the time without them ever being taken from her.

She had a breakdown in the middle of Old Navy the other day because I refused to give her back the stuffed rattle after it had fallen on the gross floor. I now know how it feels to have an entire crowded store stare me down as they wonder what form of medieval torture I was applying to my child to have her make such horrid sounds.

However, 98% of the time, Britton is all sweetness and light. Her smile when I go into get her every morning makes my heart leap. I love her chubby little legs that sway and strain to hold her up steady as she learns to stand and walk. I love the way that Britton is learning to communicate with us (sometimes, her communication method is screaming, but you win some and lose some, right).

She's still a total foodie, and loves everything that we serve up. From curry-flavored potatoes to spinach to chicken to grapefruit, she will try anything and want seconds. I weaned her about a month ago--it was time, for a lot of reasons (but that's a completely separate post)--and Britton's on four or five bottles of formula a day to help wash down all of that food she loves to eat.

Her favorites right now include this stuffed elephant rattle (the one that caused her to make all of Old Navy consider calling DSS), my house keys, her baby piano, and this water pillow with floating fish in it. She loves pulling up on any and everything, swinging in her baby swing, and clapping her hands.

I still love every minute of the time that I get to spend with her--every single moment is a new adventure! I am so excited about the upcoming months, including her birthday luau. How is it possible that I nearly have a one-year-old?!