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Clemson University Baby

On September 7, 2009, Landon and I got engaged in Clemson University's Carillon Gardens. It's a beautiful spot in the middle of campus, and it was halfway between East campus and West campus. Since we lived on either side of campus while we were dating during our undergrad years, we'd meet in the middle to talk. 

It was the perfect place for us to get engaged because it held so many memories for us!
Fast forward five years (almost). Landon, Britton, and I were up in the area visiting Landon's parents, and we all wanted to have a picnic on Clemson's campus. What better place than the Natalie-and-Landon engagement spot? :) 

It was so much fun introducing Britton to one of mine and Landon's favorite places in the world!

Britton, Class of 2032
The cutest little Tiger ever!
Tillman Hall
And here we are as a family of three on our bench:

I can't wait until Britton's a little bit older so she can really get into the Clemson traditions. Even if she chooses to go to college somewhere else, I'll enjoy sharing these moments with her at a place that means so much to Landon and I!