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Florida Bound!

I love traveling. My dream would be to travel around the world, more or less constantly.

My desire to visit new places is always tempered by real life stuff, like Landon being able to get vacation time off, budgets, and day-to-day responsibilities. (Oh, who needs to pay the mortgage when there are places to go?! I kid, I kid.)

Anyway, when I found out that Allegiant was hosting a contest for bloggers interested in travel, I couldn't finish the contest entry form fast enough. Who wouldn't want a great vacation to somewhere sunny and warm like Orlando, Las Vegas or Orange County, CA?

I filled it out and promptly forgot about it.

See, I'm the world's least lucky person. If there are only two people entered in a contest, I guarantee that I'll walk away the loser every time.

With that in mind, you can imagine my expression when I got an email from Allegiant telling me that I was one of 20 contest winners.

I WON, Y'ALL. I never win. Ever. In my entire life, the only other thing I've won was a gift card to Barnes and Noble when I was in college.

And what I've won is no small thing either.

Yours truly (and Landon) will be headed to St. Petersburg, Florida! We'll fly round trip with Allegiant and stay for three nights. We've got a rental car to zip around to all of the fun things we'll be doing--including spending a day at Busch Gardens. AAAHHHHHHH!!!

I know you're jealous. It's okay. I'd be jealous, too.

When I read the email, there was gasping. Jumping around the living room. Inappropriate laughing. Perhaps a tear or two. (Apparently, I turn into a raving maniac when I'm excited-surprised.)

And, best of all, I will be hosting the best giveaway that this little blog has ever seen (or dreamed of): 

I'm giving away TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS, courtesy of Allegiant. 

So, lovely blog readers, start packing your bags and planning your vacations, because one of you (and a guest) will be heading to one of the dozens of destinations to which Allegiant flies.

Keep checking back for more details on the giveaway: it will start after I return from my crazy awesome trip in May!