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11 Months Old!

Britton's still growing (funny how that happens) and she's now hit the 11 month month.

I will not lie: I love this age so much more than the newborn stage. Britton sleeps through the night, she loves playing, and she smiles all of the time.

I love hearing her babble, and I think she's even starting to make connections between her babbling and actual words. She's always so busy at figuring out the world around her, and she loves trying to put caps back on bottles, sunglasses on my face, and shoes on her feet. She tries to open up doors and drawers. She loves unrolling the toilet tissue and pulling all of the wipes out of the case.

Britton still loves eating everything in sight, and she's great at trying everything that we put in front of her. Her favorites are bananas, raisins, applesauce, yogurt, spaghetti, fish, rice, green beans, and broccoli. The only thing that she absolutely refuses to eat is raw strawberries. She'll eat them if they're in other things (like fruit bars or a fruit medley), but not by themselves.
Hey, where did the owl go?

Overall, Britton is a happy, cheerful baby who loves life. She's constantly squealing about a new find or laughing at something that pleases her. I love everyday that I get to spend with her, and I am so glad that I get to be her mom.

Up next month: Britton turns ONE (sob!!) and we'll see how our luau turns out!