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6 Tips for a Successful Summer Trip

I hope all of my American readers had a wonderful Memorial Day (and for everyone else, I hope your Monday was awesome!). We spent the long weekend working on building a new closet downstairs and adding more built-in bookshelves downstairs.

Memorial Day traditionally kicks off the summer season...though anyone who lives anywhere south of Maryland knows that it's felt like summer since early April. And what happens during the summer? More vacations!

We're going that-a-way for some summer fun!

I, for one, will be going on two trips this summer that have me incredibly excited. In the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers, I won't tell you what one of them will be until next Tuesday (so cruel, I know). But the other is a week-long trip to (a different) beach with Landon's family.

No matter where you're heading this summer, here are a few ways to make your trip the best yet:
  1. Pack a ton of sunscreen. Summer = hot. I don't care if you think you'll be inside all day. Go ahead and pack the sunscreen. You'll thank me later. 
  2. Make sure that sunscreen hasn't expired. As someone who didn't realize sunscreen had an expiration date until about two summers ago--and wondered why she was getting all of these weird, streaky burns--I highly recommend turning the bottle over and checking the date. If you can't find the date and don't remember when you bought it, chuck it. You'll be out a few dollars, but at least you won't have to wear the streaky badge of sunburn shame.
  3. Give your car the once over if you're going on a road trip. We had a (for here) rough winter, and I know a lot of the rest of the U.S. had a tough time, too. Car batteries can weaken with the cold, a process that only is exacerbated (your SAT word o' the day) by the much higher temps of the summer. I've been stuck on the side of the interstate because of a car that wasn't checked out before a long trip--it's not nearly as fun as you'd think it would be.
    At minimum, your car should have an engine and a capable driver. Clearly, we're not off to a good start.
  4. Pack one outfit that's not summer-y. I have the terrible habit of assuming that the weather wherever I'm going is going to be exactly like Charleston in the summer. This thinking led me to freeze (and wear half of my roommate's clothes) during my summer abroad in London. It also forced me into wearing a navy University of St. Andrews sweatshirt that I found in the trunk with a black dress during our jaunt to North Carolina a few years back. In some places (GASP!), it gets chilly at night, so pack a sweatshirt (preferably one that matches something in your travel wardrobe) and a pair of long pants. 
  5. Pack more than one swimsuit if you've got access to a beach or pool. No one likes wearing a half-dry, mostly slimy, completely cold bathing suit from the day before. Taking two suits will allow one to dry while you frolic in the other.
  6. Don't forget the camera charger/cord. You don't want to be that guy that gets to take five pictures before the camera dies before you're forced to buy a disposable camera from the store (if you can still do that???). Likewise, if your phone is your main camera, bring the appropriate cords.
What fun places do you have planned to visit this summer?