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Sky Zone Charleston

Sing with me now: I believe I can flllyyyyyyyyy...

I thought that's what we were going to do. (Fly, not sing.)

Turns out, groveling on the mats while sweating profusely was closer to the truth.

For the second part of our fourth anniversary day out, Landon and I headed to another place that we'd never been before: Sky Zone. 

If you've never heard of this wondrous place, let me enlighten you. 

It's a giant warehouse filled with trampolines. There's a trampoline that lets you jump into a pit filled with foam blocks. There are entire dodgeball courts that have trampoline floors. There's a basketball dunking area with trampolines to help you achieve maximum dunkage. And then there's the main jump area with wall to wall trampolines, excellent for practicing your front flips.

Mount Pleasant, South Carolina
Don't forget the special Sky socks!

Landon and I booked an hour jump time. Before we started, we figured that an hour would be too short. "We'll probably go book a second hour," Landon said. 

That was a perfectly reasonable statement--until we started jumping.

Jumping into the foam pit was like falling into a pile of clouds...

...a pile of clouds that was ridiculously hard to crawl out of!
I felt like I was nine again when we first hit the main jump court. It was so much fun! I remembered flying super high on the trampoline we had in our backyard for most of my childhood. 

This is what happens when Landon runs the camera. Super blurry action shot!
I did not remember jumping being such a workout though!

We hit the jump zone at 3:00 p.m.

By 3:02, Landon and I were both thinking, "How are we going to last another 58 minutes?!!"

We tried out all of the jump areas, though I declined joining the ongoing dodgeball games as they brought back too many memories of middle school gym class. (Yuck.)

At one point, we were both jumping in the main area, and Landon (unsuccessfully) tried to land a front flip (again) and ended up landing on his back wrong. He's over there moaning and groaning on the trampoline, and I'm trying not to laugh at him because I'm not sure if this is real or put-on.

The court monitor, who couldn't have been more than 20, came over and said delicately, "Sir, are you okay?" I'm pretty sure that the court monitor thought we were at least a hundred. Landon just groaned some more and declined help until I told him that we had to get up or everyone was going to think there was something wrong with him.

Eventually, Landon got his centenarian self up and moving, but he kept complaining about his back hurting. Perhaps I sound a bit insensitive, but Landon complains about his back pretty regularly, due to the fact that he broke two vertebrate while we were in college doing something astronomically stupid (but that's another story entirely). 

With plenty of breaks and lots of water, we somehow made it through the entire hour.

We came out of the experience tired and a little beat up. Landon scraped his knee while he was trying to execute a front flip--he was injured, injured bad. (Not really.) 

The next day, Landon and I both woke up and were so sore. Not only was it fun, but it ended up being an awesome workout. 

We talked to the attendant at Sky Zone, and she said that they were adding toddler jump classes later this year. Maybe if Britton ever decides that walking is worth trying out, I'll take her to a few. 

Next time, though, I'm starting with a thirty minute session. I'm not fifteen anymore, you know!

Sky Zone Charleston is located at 411 Wando Park Boulevard in Mount Pleasant, just off 526 going into Mount Pleasant.