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With only two posts left on my England 2012 trip recap, I feel like I'm deep into territory that most tourists don't even consider. Like Andy from The Office said, "No hits. Deep tracks only!" 

I didn't mean to do it, but I kind of ended with a couple of deep tracks. They're still awesome, so you can rollerskate to your heart's content...or not. 

Getting back to Guildhall. 

We hit this up pretty early in our trip, and I had no clue what I was doing there. I mean, not in an existential way (though, I won't lie--that was questioned on this trip for many reasons) but in a so-why-aren't-we-doing-something-else-cooler way. 

Turns out, I was wrong. (See, Landon? I do say it sometimes!)

Guildhall is one of the City of London's most important political buildings--it has served as a town hall, a trial location, and ceremonial site since the early 1400s. Of course, I walked around most of the time trying to work "thee" and "thou" in my conversation as much as possible. You know, in honor of the building's history. 

Nowadays, the stuff that happens there is mostly administrative and ceremonial. 

I have no clue if one can just wander into Guildhall for a tour like you would at Westminster Abbey or the British Museum, but I do know that you can visit if you know a member of the London City Council. Our guide (a friend of the family's who shall remain nameless) was completely full of himself, but I suppose that comes with the territory of being one of the city's youngest council members. 

While I did not enjoy the company of our guide, I did enjoy touring Guildhall. The Gothic architecture of the building was amazing and peeking behind the inner workings of a large city council was pretty interesting. (Though our guide put me off running for office pretty much ever. Please tell me not all politicians are that pompous!)

We walked through several meeting and council rooms that are still used today. Of course, while we were there, late on a weekday evening, they were completely empty. That ended up working in our favor because the kids got to run around in these huge, gorgeous places and climb into the upper viewing boxes and explore where the winding staircases took us. I was right there with them because I was the responsible adult (and I totally wasn't going to let them explore a 15th century building without me!).

 For our tour finale, we headed down below the building to see the Roman ampitheatre that was discovered in the early 2000s. How often can you just stroll into a Roman arena and casually flick the light switch because you're the only people there?

One more England 2012 post tomorrow: it's a very timely one (haha! Hint: it's a pun). After that, it's all about Disney for a while because I LEAVE ON FRIDAY to go to Florida!!