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5 Must-See Castles in the UK {Guest Post by Jamie from Gunters Abroad}

Today's guest poster, Jamie from Gunters Abroad, is a woman after my own heart! I live vicariously through her blog as she shares her new life overseas. Her guest post has me ready to jump on a plane and go see all of these beautiful sites. Read on, and don't forget to show some love to Jamie on her social media channels (found at the bottom of the post)!

Hello Cosmos Mariners readers! I am super happy to be filling in for Natalie while she is away on her adventures! 

My name is Jamie and I blog at Gunters Abroad. I recently moved to the UK with my husband and pets and we are absolutely loving our lives as expats. 

Over in my little corner of the world, “castleing” has become a normal term for my husband and I. We love traveling throughout the UK and finding castles or castle ruins to explore. So today I am sharing with you our top 5 castles to explore while in the UK. 

While there are many wonderful castles to visit, these are our favourites from the ones we have visited! If you would like more information on a certain castle, click the title and it will send you on your way!

#5 Highclere Castle aka Downton Abbey

If you are a Downton Abbey fan, visiting Highclere Castle is an absolute must! This particular castle would not actually rate so high on my list of castles if I wasn’t a Downton fan but it still is really a gorgeous place to visit. 

Nestled in the countryside of Hampshire, the castle is actually a part time residence for the Earl and Lady Carnarvon. The castle is only open during certain times of the year and photography is prohibited inside. So sorry, I don’t have a picture of myself coming down the staircase or sitting in the crimson sofas in the library. But I did feel like Lady Mary walking down the staircase!

#4 Conwy Castle

While in Wales, you must visit the ruins of Conwy Castle. Wales is an absolutely stunning country and my husband and I both adored our visit there. Conwy Castle is so picturesque. I felt like I was in a postcard. The sea, the hillside, the gorgeous colors of the UK sky…..it can’t be beat.

The towers are all accessible and you can get some amazing views from the top! Can you imagine what life must have been like behind these castle walls?

#3 Leeds Castle

Leeds Castle has been termed the “loveliest castle in the world” and rightly so! The castle is set in the countryside amongst over 500 acres of expansive gardens. The walk to the castle is so beautiful and serene. This castle is one that you will want to spend an entire day at, and bring the kiddos as well!

Oh, and let’s not forget….there is a nice little golf course around the castle (as you see from my attire). So husbands will want to visit this one as well! Leeds Castle is truly gorgeous!

#2 Tantallon Castle

Tantallon Castle in Scotland is the most magical castle I have experienced so far. The setting just does me in. First of all, the Scottish countryside is just absolutely beautiful. And if you have been to Scotland, you know that the weather changes quite often. The weather was picture perfect, literally, when we visited Tantallon. This castle has seen its share of battles and the history spans back to the 14th century. 

But the feeling you get when you see the sea below you is just incredible. If you want magic, head to Tantallon in Scotland!

#1 Alnwick Castle

It doesn’t look like much from the front, but friends, this castle will knock your socks off. Alnwick Castle has been in the Percy family for over 700 years. And boy do these people have some $$; they are serious royalty. The State Rooms were open when we visited and my jaw literally dropped to floor from the amount of opulence going on in the place. 

It. Was. Stunning. 

You could spend hours in these rooms just gazing upon the trinkets, furniture and gold ceilings. Unfortunately, no photography is allowed in the State Rooms. So you must go!!

Alnwick Castle also has a stunning garden section on the other side of the property. This is another castle that you could spend all day at with the family. Kids will love it for many reasons, the main one being that Harry Potter scenes were filmed here! 

Also, there are lots of activities for the family to enjoy. We were lucky enough to catch a falconry show while visiting. You know, just hanging out in a castle garden watching falcons fly above your head…typical day in England!

Visiting castles is quickly becoming one of our favourite things to do while living in the UK. The history, the scenery, your imagination running wild: it is really a wonderful thing! And there are hundreds to visit!

Have you visited some amazing castles in the UK? I would love to hear about them!

Thanks for having me today!