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A Fourth-tastic Weekend

Happy birthday, America!

We had a fun-filled weekend with way, way too much food, gallons of sweet tea, and a wonderful ending to our latest home improvement project. Who knew we could pack so much into a three day weekend?!

On the Fourth, we ended up eating two massive dinners. The first was at Landon's uncle's house.

Thanks to Landon's Uncle Jack for letting me steal this pic!

There's always a HUGE party there on July 4th; we usually go, but weren't able to last year because I'd just had a c-section a few weeks earlier. 

I was glad to be back in the swing of things this year, and we all had a great time. Britton got to practice her new waving skills--everyone at the party got a hello and goodbye wave every time we passed them. She's getting so good at waving that Landon and I are thinking about signing her up to be a Wal-mart greeter. (Ha. I wish.)

Britton LOVED the corn on the cob. When I tried to help her hold it, and she pretty much told me, "No way, no how, Mama." (Another Uncle Jack pic!)

Not the greatest picture of me, but it's the only picture of all three of us from the party, so it stays. The sacrifices I make... (Last stolen Uncle Jack picture!)

Checking out if there's any food in a three mile radius. There was.
Making the rounds and saying hi to everyone.
After eating more than my share of white chocolate dipped strawberries, spinach dip, and broccoli salad, we headed back to Charleston. I didn't even eat a hot dog or hamburger at this party---TOTALLY UNAMERICAN!

Mid-day power nap before party #2!

Round two was at my parents' house in Charleston and involved a special guest: my sister's new boyfriend. We've all heard a ton about him, so it was really good to finally meet him and put a face with the stories. My family can be a bit, ahem, rowdy around new man friends, but I think the dinner went really, really well. 

He hasn't broken up with her at any rate, which is totally a good sign. Right?!

After dinner (and some terribly played horseshoes--those things are hard to throw!), my sister, her new boyfriend, Landon, and I headed out to watch the local fireworks while Britton stayed with my parents. We just started letting her stay the night with them and it is SO hard every time. I have to say, though, that sleeping past 7 a.m. on the mornings she's with them is pretty sweet. 

Staking out our ground for the fireworks.

The fireworks were awesome, and the weather was perfect. It was hard to believe that Hurricane Arthur had frisked us just the day before (though most hurricanes are a joke--the little ones at least just get everyone riled up and freaking out about milk and bread and then don't do anything other than blow the trees around a little bit). 

When the professional fireworks were done, we headed over to my sister's boyfriend's apartment to shoot off a few of our own fireworks. Does anyone else feel like shouting out Harry Potter spells when you're shooting Roman candles? Because I may or may not have disarmed the entire apartment complex with a few well-placed expelliarmus charms.

We rested on Saturday (aka Natalie went shopping), and then we finally finished the deck renovation today! Pictures to come later of that. :)

How was your holiday weekend? Tell me how you spent the Fourth!