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Cookes of Dublin

No, that's not a typo. It's CookEs of Dublin.

Not Cooks.

But CookES.
Cookes of Dublin

Because it's not authentically British/ Irish/ English unless you add that extra, completely unnecessary 'e.' 

I always giggle when I see a shopping center called "The Shoppes at the Olde Towne" or something like that. I TOTALLY thought they were lying about it being an old place until I saw all those extra e's scattered everywhere. Clearly, it's super legit and way old because of the "Old English" spelling. (FYI: that's not Old English. That's not even Middle English. It's Faux-Oldness.)

Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way...

One of the nights that my sister and I were staying at Buena Vista Palace, we decided to just wander around Downtown Disney until we found somewhere to eat. The only stipulation was that we couldn't have eaten there before. 

We thought about Fulton's Crab House, but it was a bit more expensive than we were aiming for. Then, we thought about Portobello's. That one won out...until we saw Raglan Road just around the corner. Intrigued, we went to look at the menu and were nearly ready to head into the restaurant, until I saw that the fish and chips platter was almost $20. 

Sweet angels in heaven. What kind of fish are you giving me in a fish and chips platter that is going to cost me $20?!?!

Fish and chips are working class, hardy British people pub food. It's a rule that they don't cost $20.

Deflated, we headed back towards Portobello's. On the way, we realized that we'd overlooked another walk-in Irish food place: the aforementioned Cookes of Dublin. 

We'd had our mouths set for fish and chips, so we headed in. We both ordered salads; Amber got fish and chips, and I ordered the beer battered onion rings. Both were huge and we were glad that we'd decided to share. 

Despite the Faux-Old(e) English, Cookes of Dublin was a solid choice. The fish and chips were served hot out of the fryer and were pretty authentic for a restaurant in the middle of Florida. With a bit of salt and lots of malt vinegar, the fish and chips were very similar to the platters I've had in bars all over the UK

Cookes of Dublin fish and chips

If you go, the double beer battered onion rings are a solid choice, too. The batter was crispy and hot and just the tiniest bit sweet, and the onions didn't come slithering out when I bit into the onion ring (a pet peeve of mine). 

Cookes of Dublin onion rings

As an added bonus, the servers are all from Ireland. There's nothing like an Irish accent to make even the palest, most normal looking guy way more attractive. 

While I can't compare the fish and chips at Cookes of Dublin to that at the nearby Raglan Road, I daresay that I enjoyed my smaller meal just as much as I would have the $20 platter. Located in the old Pleasure Island section of Downtown Disney, Cookes of Dublin serves up hot, fresh, and authentic Irish food.