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Edisto Island 2014

What a week. It was filled with sand, sun, family, and bike rides.

It was basically the quintessential family beach vacation, and it was awesome!

Even with a house filled with nine adults and three kids under the age of three, there weren't any spats. The kids loved playing with one another, and I loved hanging out with Landon's parents, siblings, and their spouses.

Landon's parents have rented a beach house most of the summers since Landon and I started dating (for the second time) back in 2009, and we always had a blast. (See my posts from 2012 here and here. I didn't do any posts from last year, as I was 6 week postpartum and basically out of it.) 

But having the babies (well, two toddlers and a baby) there this year made everything that much more fun. 

So, how do you have a great summer beach vacation?


You start with car laden down with two kayaks, three bicycles, and more luggage and boxes than twenty people need.

Then, you load everything in your new home away from home for the week.

Unpacking goes faster if you've got someone responsible in charge. Clearly, my 13-month-old is just that person.

The best beach vacations have at least one bike ride a day. But remember to pack your helmets!
Bike safety first!

In the afternoons, clear your schedule and relax on the beach. 

And most importantly, make sure to have fun with all of your family members!
Britton loving on her Nana Nann

Britton telling her Papa Sam something very important!
The whole fam during our photo session.

In addition to doing all of the above, we also ate way too much, kayaked with dolphins, and worked on our tans. I'll have a post on the awesome dolphin experience we had later this week, as well as a restaurant review of one of Edisto's eateries, so keep checking back!

Do you and your family get together for an annual vacation? Would you ever take a family beach vacation?