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Outdoor Living: A Tale of a New Deck

Hi, y'all! I hope you're enjoying my sweet line-up of guest posters this week while I'm at the beach. I was going to wait to share our latest home improvement project with you until after I got back, but I just couldn't bear to withhold the pictures that long! So, I'm busting into the guest posting just for today to share a touching, wonderful, tragic story about our deck.

Once upon a time (a month ago) in a beautiful land (called Charleston), there was a quaint little townhouse.

This townhouse had two loving owners who had tried very hard to make it look much better. This task was much harder than one might expect as the townhouse was still stuck deeply in the 1980s.

After fixing up most of the inside of the townhouse, the owners realized that they had overlooked a part of the house that would make it look and feel so much better: the deck. 

The deck was a very sorry excuse for a deck. It was more like a small, narrow walkway that had been crammed up against the side of the house. It was too small to even put a breakfast table and chairs, and the owners were sad that they could not enjoy the beautiful backyard more. 

"We'll fix it!" they said, hammers in hand. However, the owners' had very big ideas and very little knowledge of how to build a new deck. 

Along came Bob the Builder (yes, that really was his name). Bob knew everything there was about decks and porches, and the owners were very happy to have him on their side. 

Still, there was a battle to be fought before the townhouse could get its new deck: Bob the Builder and the owners had to take on the evil, slow, and cantankerous Planning monster (also know as the town's planning committee)!

The Planning monster refused to give Bob the Builder and the owners permission to build the new deck, arguing that the deck would be too close to the marsh. 

But Bob the Builder and the owners had done their homework and knew the laws. They fought back against the Planning monster, armed with their knowledge of the town covenants and restrictions and soon defeated the monster. 

With a construction permit in hand, Bob the Builder quickly set to building the townhouse a new deck. In just a few days, Bob the Builder was finished, and the townhouse felt beautiful with its new addition. 

The owners were so proud of the new deck!

Okay, story time's over. Britton's expression up above pretty much summed up how Landon and I felt about our new deck once we finished staining it.

The original deck ran parallel to our back wall and was only about five or so feet wide. It was awful! Because we're in a townhouse, we have certain restrictions that we have to follow, and our final decisions about the dimensions of the new deck were affected by that. 

Ultimately, we left the stairs and left railing where they were, but bumped out the right hand side of the deck about seven feet. What a huge change from our original deck (if you can even call it that)!

We can now comfortable seat six at our new patio table, and it's a perfect area for entertaining. The sun sets on the opposite side of the house from the deck, so the evenings are cool and breezy without any direct sunlight. Having the deck there means that we can enjoy the deck even in the dead of the South Carolina summer!

We were totally using it before construction had completely finished. We're patient like that.

Enjoying dinner outside again--this time with Landon's dad.
We also decided to use the space nearest the house for a reading nook. With a love seat, some colorful pillows, and a couple of glass topped tables, we were in business!

Since the house and deck are both grey, we used lots of color in the rug, pillows, and accessories: our final color palette was red, aqua, white, and navy. I've still got plans for some flowers in our monogrammed planters that my grandfather made us as a wedding present. Hopefully, that and a few more lanterns on the glass tables will make the space even more inviting.

Do you have a deck? Would you ever consider adding on extra outdoor living space?