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Wolfgang Puck Express at Downtown Disney

If you haven't noticed by now, this week's posts focus on the places my sister and I stayed and where we ate while on our recent Disney World trip. A comfy bed and tasty food is what makes a vacation, right?

While the afternoon tea at the Grand Floridian was definitely tops in the gastronomic offerings during out trip, we did try several new places as well. 

One of those places was Wolfgang Puck Express in Downtown Disney's Marketplace. Hidden away to the right of the Disney Christmas shop, this quick service restaurant offers up pasta, pizza, and salads.

Warning: reading the rest of this post may cause intense carb cravings!

Wolfgang Puck Express

After Amber and I checked out of Pop Century, we checked into our new hotel (the Buena Vista Palace) just across from Downtown Disney. We wanted to grab something to eat before Amber went to her first session at her conference that afternoon, so we headed to WPE. Everyone knows you can't enjoy a good keynote speaker on an empty stomach. 

My sister's kind of picky (Hi, Amber! I'm sure that you're delighted I just broadcast that fact to the world!), so I let her choose what we were going to get. She chose the cheese, mushroom, and pepperoni pizza. The cashier told her that "it was kind of small," but she ordered it anyway. 

Wolfgang Puck Express

When we got the pizza, we both eyeballed it and thought, "If that's small, I don't want to see what a large is." 

Cheese, pepperoni and mushroom pizza

We split it between the two of us, and it was the perfect amount of food. I suppose if you're super, super hungry, you might be able to polish off the whole thing (I won't lie--there were times in college that I stress-ate my way through an entire large cheese pizza), but for a normal person with a normal appetite, half of the pizza was plenty. 

We also splurged and got a sweet tea. 1) Are we the only people who are so cheap as to think that getting a drink is splurging? And 2) Florida is not known for its sweet tea, so we were surprised to find good, freshly brewed sweet tea. YUM.

We tried the tropical tea on tap that day, too, but it wasn't sweet (blech), and it was super mango-y. 

One weird thing that I found about WPE is that you have a server, but that person only checks on your table about twice and brings your food to you. I had a moral conundrum over whether to leave a tip because our waitress didn't do much and I filled up the tea myself at the open drink station. Ultimately, I didn't leave a tip because there were SO many people there that I was afraid the cash wouldn't ever see the inside of our waitress' pocket. 

I actually went back to WPE another day we were in Orlando. Amber was at her conference all day, so I was left to my own devices for lunch. I'd read lovely things about the macaroni and cheese at WPE, so I decided to be a super fatty and order an entire platter of mac and cheese all for me. 

Wolfgang Puck Express Macaroni and Cheese
About fifteen delicious bites in.

The look on my face when it came to the table was similar to that of Macaulay Culkin when he gets to dive into that giant cheese pizza. Pure, carb-induced bliss. 

The noodles were spiral, which makes a huge difference in my opinion, and there were several kinds of melted cheese. On top were bread crumbs and scallions. I really, really, really wanted to eat the entire thing. But even after sitting there for twenty minutes and sipping tea slowly in the hopes of growing another stomach to put the rest, I had to concede defeat and leave some of that cheesy deliciousness on the table. 


I would highly recommend WPE for anyone looking for something more than another burger and fries in the Downtown Disney area. The food doesn't come cheap (my macaroni was $11!), but it is good. The portions are plenty big for sharing which would bring the cost per person down a lot. 

If you're going during the peak season, try and eat on the early side. The day I went by myself, I ate at 11:30, and the place was almost empty. When my sister and I ate there together, we dined around 12:30 or 1, and we could hardly find a seat.

Have you ever been to Wolfgang Puck Express (or to any of his other restaurants)?