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A Stroll in Downtown Charleston

Last week, Britton and I were getting a bit stir crazy in the house as it had been raining on and off for days. We took advantage of the (brief) sunshine to head downtown for a quick walk through a few blocks of the historic district.

Yes, that's literally a few blocks. 

When you've got a toddler in tow, you get to stop and look at EVERY. SINGLE. BRICK. It totally gives new meaning to the phrase "stop and smell the roses [and pick at the grass and that piece, too and touch the sidewalk and try to follow those people home...]."

Even if we didn't cover a lot of ground, downtown was quite lively, and it was a refreshing jaunt. 

We started out on Church Street, which was a (literal) walk down memory lane because I used to teach a family that lived there. It's got a pretty bumpy sidewalk, and I was already struggling to keep Britton from bouncing out of her stroller while simultaneously holding the camera and a frozen lemonade. #DowntownCharlestonProblems

We turned onto East Battery, but I was still dealing with the bouncing stroller-camera-lemonade issue, so I skipped pictures there, too. 

And now you're wondering, "So, when are we actually getting to a real, life picture?"

Right now! 


Because no trip to downtown Charleston is complete without taking pictures of a plethora of people's front doors like some weirdo stalker.

You can pretty much smell the money from the street. Well, money and damp basement air and that lovely, musty old house smell.

The Calhoun Mansion on Meeting Street is so fancy that it gets inlaid tiling in the sidewalk out front. After I imagined what that kind of money would feel like, I headed to the low-rent district of Lamboli Street. (I'm totally kidding. Lamboli Street is still super fancy...it just doesn't have inlaid sidewalk tiling.)

We made a right onto King Street, where I was told not once, but twice by this ancient couple that there was a car backing out--after I'd clearly stopped to let the car out. Ugh. I may look young, but I'm not an idiot.

I kind of have a love-hate relationship with downtown. I really love all of the old houses and the architecture and the flower boxes, but I hate the horse pee that's everywhere and the (often) snotty people and the cars everywhere and the tourists who think it's okay to stop traffic in the middle of East Bay Street to take a picture. (Note: PLEASE do not do this if you visit Charleston. We will love you forever and give you lots of biscuits and sweet tea if you're a good tourist.)

On this day, I was a little in love with downtown again. It really is pretty in the summer. Though if you're visiting, I would highly recommend waiting until September or October when it's cooler and there aren't as many tourists.

Britton was mostly into the walk, especially after I let her hold the frozen lemonade I'd gotten. She thought the stars had aligned when I let her have a sip of the watered down bits at the bottom. Oh, what I do to keep my toddler happy. 

She had a meltdown at the corner of Meeting and Tradd Streets because I wouldn't let her carouse through the streets alone and without holding my hand.

I told her that we were going to see Daddy and she brightened up (for a second). I wasn't lying--we were going to see Landon...just not for another four hours.

Strolling selfie!
 And here's Britton's one brief moment of freedom when I let her walk exactly five steps by herself while I took a picture.

There are still plenty of other streets for us to explore when the weather cools down here. Is it sweltering everywhere else in the world? I'm really, really over the humidity and the 100 degree days. 

Have you ever been to downtown Charleston? Do you have a favorite street or area?

P.S. If any of my readers are planning to come to my fair city, let me know--I'd love to answer questions about historical sites, restaurants, etc!!