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Fuel Restaurant (Downtown Charleston)

Fuel Cantina Charleston
As I'm typing this post up, I'm so full that I can barely move. Luckily, typing doesn't require much physical activity, so I might survive.

My stomach is fat and happy right now because of a very successful (and an unusual!) Sisters' Night. Each week, my sister and I get together for a dinner, movie, exercise, or just to talk. Usually, we don't invite anyone else because GIRLS ONLY. 

However, we made an exception this week since Amber's boyfriend has the world's worst work schedule and one of his current days off is Tuesday. I couldn't ask her to leave him on one of his two nights off, so we decided to do Sisters' Night Plus this week. Landon and Andrew and even Britton got to come on our adventure. 

For this unprecedented event, we headed downtown to one of my new favorite restaurants: Fuel.

It's located inside an old filling station, and it's decorated with all of this old gas station stuff. 

Fuel Cantina Charleston

My grandparents owned a filling station for YEARS, so seeing the decorations bring back all kinds of memories. Here it is in its heyday:

My favorite memory of the One Stop: getting to pick WHATEVER I wanted from the candy rack for free. I loved visiting my grandparents when they were at the store! 

The weather's (sort of) cooling down here in Charleston, so we decided to eat outside. There's a pretty little courtyard with a covered deck area; we could eat without the last of the afternoon sun beating down on us. 

Fuel Cantina, Charleston

Britton was hungry, too, so I let her peruse the menu to see what I should order for her (spoiler: she ate bits and pieces off of Landon's plates).

For starters, we ordered hoecakes ($7.95 for 4) which are old South comfort food. Think fried corn meal fritters covered in sour cream, tomatoes, and cheese. YUM. I was getting a little hangry at this point, so I dove into my appetizer without taking a picture. Another blogger fail! (I should be used to this by now, as I do it pretty much every time I do a restaurant review!!)

Even though there were four of us at dinner, I only had to take two pictures of our meals because my sister and husband got the grilled jerk chicken sandwich ($12.95), and Andrew and I got the braised pork tacos ($12.50). Everyone else but me got plantain fritters for their sides; I stuck to my favorite sweet potato fries. 

Everything was SO good. I am completely in love with the pork tacos. They are what happens when BBQ and soft tacos get married and have a kid. I love them so much that I've already put my parents on alert that I want to go back there for my birthday dinner. In November. 

Anyway, if you're ever in the Charleston area and hungry, venture away from the more touristy restaurants on East Bay or Meeting, and head over to Fuel (on the corner of Rutledge and Cannon Streets). You really won't regret it!

Do you like Caribbean-ish food? What's your current favorite food?

I was not compensated for my review. I just love food.