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Turtle Time: The Georgia Sea Turtle Center

Who doesn't love sea turtles? After all, they all are super chill, have Australian accents, and are experts on the major exit points of the EAC.

Oh, wait. You're telling me that I shouldn't be getting my marine biology lessons from Pixar movies?!

While my sister, Britton and I were visiting the gorgeous Jekyll Island Club Hotel, we headed over to the Georgia Sea Turtle Center to find a more reputable learning center than Finding Nemo.

A Short History of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel

Jekyll Island Club Hotel history
I'm one of those people who love learning about the history of a place. I've been known to research the previous owners of the houses that we're thinking of buying just because I want to know more about those homes' stories. I love genealogy and learning more about all of my great-great-great-people.

It's no wonder, then, that I dove into the history of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. And there was plenty of it for me to swim around in luxuriously.

Jekyll Island Club Hotel: A Tour

Jekyll Island Club Hotel: A Tour | CosmosMariners.com

In the last two days, I've learned, explored, and photographed more than I ever imagined I could in less than 48 hours. One might not think that there would be so much to cram into a short vacation on an island that's only 7 miles long and 1.5 miles wide--but there definitely is.

Scotland, or Something Close to It: Highland Games 2014

Charleston Scottish Games and Highland Gathering at Boone Hall
This weekend, I didn't go to Scotland, but I got as close as I could without getting on a plane. After two long years of waiting, I made it back to the Charleston Scottish Games!

Landon and I went for the first time back in 2010 and had a blast. We skipped 2011 since we were saving up for a trip to Scotland that November. When we went in 2012, I was very early in my pregnancy with Britton, but still had a good time. We didn't make it last year since Britton was only a few months old, Landon had to be out of town for work, and everyone else was busy. 

This year, we made sure to pencil a trip to Boone Hall for the 41st Scottish Games and Highland Gathering.

Road Trip! Jekyll Island Bound

Fall really is the perfect time to travel in the South. The weather is (slightly) cooler than it has been, and the crowds are so much lighter.

I'm taking full advantage of this gorgeous time of year and heading out on a road trip with my sister and daughter in tow. 

Our destination? Somewhere that I've wanted to visit for a long, long time:

The Jekyll Island Club Hotel on Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island Hotel Club, Jekyll Island, Georgia
Eek! I'm so excited!!

The Best Things to Do in Charleston SC with Kids

The Best Things to Do in Charleston SC with Kids | CosmosMariners.com

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase through one of the following links, I will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you. 

More people than ever are considering a trip to Charleston, but I've met so many visitors who said, "We've wanted to visit, but we waited until we could go without our kids because they'd be bored."

So wrong. Let me set the record straight: there are SO many things to do in Charleston SC with kids! 

Why I Travel

The first trip that I ever went on was to Disney World. My grandparents, parents, and I all piled into the family motorhome and made the (what should have been) seven hour trip down to Orlando from South Carolina.

According to family lore, from the moment I was buckled into my child seat to the moment that we stopped in Orlando, I yelled, "Out! Out!"

Clearly, I hadn't learned road trip etiquette yet. I was two. 

School in the Bahamas: Forfar Field Station, Andros Island

It's rainy and gloomy here, and I'm exhausted from all of the getting-ready-to-sell-our-house stuff that we've been doing the last few days (more on that later this week!).

What better way is there to avoid everything else that's going on than to look at more pictures from my trip to Andros Island?

Answer: there isn't one. At least, there isn't one that doesn't involve my passport and an overseas flight. 

The trip that I took to Andros Island was so different than anything else I'd ever done before. It was this crazy mixture of a college class, a vacation, and summer camp.

How to Have a Low Cost Disney World Trip

Cheap Disney World vacation

Growing up, Walt Disney World was one of my family's favorite vacation spots (though, who am I kidding? At nearly 30, it is still one of our favorite places to go!). 

By the time I started college, I had visited the House of Mouse more times than I could count since my family went at least once during the summer with several smaller weekend getaways scattered throughout the year.