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As Close to Fall as Charleston Gets

Charleston, being right on the Atlantic and in the South, doesn't have a lot in the way of seasons. We get about six months of summer (March-September), three months of ice and blustery winds (January-March), and about three months of what could be called post-summer. It's not really summer since the temperatures are still in the 80s, but it's not what most people would consider fall since we don't have any orchards to pick apples, or changing leaves to ooh and ahh over. 

Still, post-summer is about as close to fall as Charleston gets, and you'd better believe that I'm wearing my boots and planning Britton's Halloween costume with the best of them. 

Since Charleston doesn't have the climate to grow pumpkins and apples and such, we go "pick" them out of a field where they mysteriously appeared overnight around the first of October. This was Britton's first year to get into picking out a pumpkin, so I wanted to go take some pictures of her selecting her own pumpkin. My mom, grandma, and I took Britton out to Boone Hall Plantation--one of the area's only working plantations/farms--to get some pictures.

My ten minute photo shoot turned into a three hour fun festival when I realized that Boone Hall had an entire fall festival planned. Not only were there pumpkins to pick, there was a hay ride, corn maze, jumping castle, fair food, and petting zoo. 

With all of that fun ahead of us, where did we go first? To get a fun face-in-a-cardboard-hole picture, of course!

Charleston in the Fall | Boone Hall Farms Pumpkin Patch

Next, Britton was off to check out the tractors on display. She didn't like the turning radius of this one, so we headed deeper into the festival for something else to amuse her.

There was a huge slide there for the little kids, but Britton was too small to go on it by herself. I gladly volunteered to slide with her. This volunteering had nothing to do with the fact that I'm basically a five year old at heart. Absolutely nothing. Neither did the three more times we went down the slide!

Also note the fact that we're all in short sleeves and/or shorts. Nothing says fall like an 85-degree day!

There was a cute ropes area in the shape of a spider web. Britton didn't know what to make of it. She finally cracked a smile, and then immediately tried to launch herself off the side. No worries--there were plenty of other fun things to do instead of being a fly caught in a web.

We skipped the corn maze since we were with my grandma (who gets tired out after walking too much) and Britton (who tends to run away) and headed for the hay ride. There's just nothing like live oaks, Spanish moss, and a haunted hay ride. Luckily, it wasn't too haunted, so the kids and scaredy-cat grown-ups like myself were able to enjoy the ride without cowering under our seats.

After the hayride came some more adventuring.
And, she's off (again!).

The pumpkin patch was sponsored by Chick-fil-A, so the cow had to make an appearance. No one was eating any hamburgers, so the cow was pretty low key.

A tired Britton and her beloved Gigi
The petting zoo portion was pretty neat. There were miniature pigs, a tiny little pony, a donkey, and this stellar llama. This one had an atrocious underbite and flounced around it it owned the places. Llamas--the drama queens of the petting zoo.

We finally, FINALLY made it over to the pumpkin patch just as Britton was about over the entire thing. At first, she was way more interested in picking up tiny bits of trash from the dirt and giving it to me than she was in helping me get that Pinterest perfect pumpkin patch picture (whew--say that five times fast.)

But then she cooperated and I got a few pictures worthy of her baby book. She even got rewarded with a lemonade for her troubles.

And so that concludes our Fall-ish venture this season. I'd wanted to do more since it's Britton's first interactive Halloween (I totally don't include last year when she was only 5 months old since the most exciting thing she did was barf all over her ladybug costume), but, as fate would have it, we're in the middle of moving into a new house this week. Eek! Wish us luck with the move!

Also, you HAVE to check back on the blog tomorrow. I know it's a Saturday, but TRUST ME on this one. My super awesome amazing out-of-this-world travel giveaway goes up then, and I want you to be a part of it! :)

Happy Halloween, y'all! What fun fall or Halloween-themed things did you do this season?