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Lessons Learned While Traveling

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1. There will always be another train, plane, or taxi. It just might not come for another a hour, another day, or another week.

2. If a place looks sketchy, it probably is. 

3. Little kid pickpockets will make you lose a little bit of your faith in humanity.

4. If a local highly recommends a sight or restaurant, it's worth it to go out of your way to eat/ go there. 

5. Wherever that screaming baby, tantrum-throwing baby, or horrible smelling person is on the plane, your seat is right next to them. 

6. Some of the best memories happen in the car--not at the destination--on a road trip. 

7. There's a fine line between getting out of your comfort zone and scaring yourself to death. 

8. The contents of your luggage somehow grow between the beginning and the end of a trip--even if you don't add anything new to it.

9. Just because you're speaking the same language as someone doesn't mean you're communicating.

10. To thoroughly wash yourself in most European bathrooms, you either need to be a contortionist or be able to defy the laws of physics.

11. Nothing makes you question your life choices like some airplane turbulence.

12. There are few things sadder than realizing that border control didn't put a new stamp in your passport.

13. Nice people are everywhere. But so are mean people.

14. You don't have to go far to travel.

15. It's never a good sign when cows have to be cleared off the runway before you can land.

What lessons have you learned on your road trips, vacations, adventures, and travels?