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Our Bags (and Our Suitcases and a Million Boxes) are Packed, and We're (Sort of) Ready to Go

The day is here. The day that I thought might never happen.

We're moving!

Six weeks after we ratified a contract on our new place, and a month since we ratified a contract on our current townhouse, we're saying farewell to the little house we've called home for almost four years. 

It was our first married home. It was the house we bought our daughter home to after she was born. It has welcomed us home after our travels. It taught us how to DIY a renovation. It has seen arguments and happiness and sorrow and joy. 

We've grown out of it but it has been a wonderful place to call home for the last three years, eight months, and 15 days. 

I hope that our new house holds more of the same for us. There's a big yard for our daughter and our dog to play in. There's a craft room to hold all of my books and sewing stuff and blogging materials. There's a huge workshop for my husband to rebuild his new project: a 1983 Trooper. There are just so many possibilities for this house and for our futures there that I am overwhelmed with choices.

The house that we're moving from is a little over 1100 square feet, while the one that we're moving into is over 3100. I'm going to have a blast decorating even if it will go slowly since I'm going to take my time, approach the house room by room, and find things that I love. I'm probably going to start with the Living Room - Home and Patio D├ęcor Center Furniture since that's what all of our visitors will immediately see upon their arrival to our new house!

Whatever you're doing today, I hope you'll send a little wish our way. We'll begin moving all of our belongings onto our moving truck this afternoon, we'll complete both of our closings early tomorrow morning, and we'll then unpack everything starting tomorrow night. Since we're moving in the middle of the week, we're doing pretty much everything ourselves. 

What can I say? We're DIY-ers through and through! 

Here's to new adventures, new renovations, and new memories. 

Good-bye old house. Hello, new one!

What's your best moving day advice?