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Wandering around Jekyll Island

During the short time I was on Jekyll Island, I ended up taking over four hundred pictures. Have I mentioned that I love photography? I don't have any formal training, but I still find satisfaction in framing a good shot and capturing that tiny bit of life. 

I've already treated you to several posts focusing on the inside of my home-away-from-home Jekyll Island Club Hotel, but there's more to the island than the awesomeness that is the JICH.

There are the cottages (I use that term loosely, as some of them have ten or more rooms) that are scattered across the hotel's grounds. They were built when the hotel's famous residents wanted a bit more room to spread out than the regular rooms could provide. 

Jekyll Island, Georgia
This is Crane Cottage: with 13 rooms, it's the largest of the buildings on the JICH property.

Further afield on the island is the beach. My favorite area is the driftwood beach on the northern end of the island: it just looks so mysterious with the dead trees lining the beach. 

The top picture was taking on mine and Landon's first anniversary trip to Jekyll. I couldn't wait to stage a picture on the same beach with Britton on my most recent trip!
Jekyll Island, Georgia
My other favorite part of Jekyll Island were the gorgeous sunsets we were treated to every night. Just add a glass of wine, and it's the perfect way to end the day! 

Jekyll Island, Georgia | Cosmos Mariners

Jekyll Island, Georgia | CosmosMariners.com

Jekyll Island, Georgia | CosmosMariners.com

Are you the designated picture-taker on your family trips? Do you enjoy photography?

Stay tuned Friday for some fun news regarding Cosmos Mariners' global headquarters (i.e. you get an update on our housing/moving situation)!