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9 Awesome Gifts for Your Favorite Traveler

Please tell me that all of you lovely readers are further along than I am in your holiday shopping.

I've bought exactly zero gifts. ZERO. (To my mom and sister, who read this blog--I will have something come Christmas Eve!)

But as with so many things in life, do as I say, and not as I do. Get started on your Christmas shopping!

If you're still struggling to find the perfect gift for the traveler in  your life, maybe I can help. Here are some of my favorite travel accessories that would make any traveler happy!

Travel Themed Gift Guide: Christmas Ideas for Your Favorite Traveler | CosmosMariners.com

1) A really, really light suitcase. I have this one suitcase that is carryon sized, but it weighs about 10 pounds. That's BEFORE I put anything else in it. I've fallen in love with the ultra lightweight suitcases that are on the market since they're so easy to lift up and down--and, you get to pack more since you're not wasting that precious weight on suitcase bulk.

2) Travel bag organizers. I bought these before I went to Scotland and never looked back. I even go so far as to label each individual bag--I can glance inside my suitcase and know exactly what I need to grab in an instant. No more rifling through your suitcase, tearing up all of those carefully folded and rolled clothes!

3) A really cute passport holder. This is totally superfluous since it doesn't actually do anything other than look cute, but that's pretty much what your cat does, and you still love him/her. Right? Plus, if you know someone who travels a lot, a cute passport holder might be the thing to brighten his or her day.

4) A travel wallet. For those who demand more out of their travel gear than just cuteness, a solid travel wallet is a great gift choice. You can get versions with passport holders, hidden pockets, multiple money pockets (for keeping all that currency organized!), and airplane ticket pockets.

5) A great backpack. I'm not talking about a hiking backpack that you often associate with hostel-living, never-going-home-again nomadic travelers. I'm a huge proponent of using a rugged pack like one by The North Face as my purse/under the seat item when flying. It holds so much more than a purse!

6) A beautiful travel journal. This would make a great stocking stuffer! The only thing better than traveling is being able to share those memories once you get home. Give your favorite traveler a pretty, inspirational journal, and you'll be able to relive the trip when he or she returns!

7) A fully stocked toiletries case. This is also another low-cost but high-impact gift. Buy a sturdy travel case and then include everything your traveler needs: a travel sized hairdryer, small bottles of shampoo, a little container of tissues, and more. I love mine so much that I wrote an entire blog post devoted to it. (That's true love right there.)

8) A three-in-one coat (men and women). When I studied abroad in London, I made the mistake of not packing a coat (or a sweater or long pants). I learned that lesson the hard way, so the next time that I went on a big trip, I made sure to take a great coat with me. I love the three-in-one jackets you can get: the outer portion is waterproof and thin like a rain jacket while the inner portion is lined fleece. You can remove the two coats, wear each separately, or both together on a cold, wet day. Whenever I'm going somewhere non-tropical, I don't travel without it since it's so versatile. Get it monogrammed for extra fun!

9) A micro 3/4th camera. All of you DSLR lovers out there, go ahead and guffaw at me. I used to have a Nikon DSLR, but that thing was so bulky that I pretty much needed to carry another suitcase just for it. Since getting a micro 3/4th (also called a mirrorless camera), I won't ever go back to a traditional DSLR. The micro 3/4th camera also has interchangeable lenses, manual settings, and all of the bells and whistles of a D3000 or Rebel, but it's just way, way smaller. If you're a professional travel photographer, you might want to stick with your DSLR, but for the traveler or travel blogger who wants awesome pictures from a camera that's still small enough to stick in your purse, I'd highly recommend a micro 3/4th.
Happy shopping!

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