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Pizza and Pretty Houses

Every Tuesday, my sister and I have our sisters' night. Sometimes, we go out to eat; other times, we'll go see a movie or go for a walk. It's basically a time when the two of us stop whatever's going on in our busy lives and just catch up.

We've been doing our weekly sisters' night since we both moved back to Charleston, and the tradition has even spawned several sisters' weekends (and another here)!

First Beach Trip of 2014

I love living near the beach. We don't actually live on the beach (too sandy and too expensive), but we are only a ten minute drive from one of Charleston's main beaches.

I especially love living here before all of the tourists descend around Memorial Day. The beaches are practically empty this time of the year!

You Might Have Gone to Clemson If...

  1. More than half of your wardrobe is orange. 
  2. You waited hours (or even days!) to get student football tickets. 

Disney World: Tips for Traveling with a Baby or Toddler

traveling with family to Walt Disney World

We're roughly seven months out from Britton's first trip to Disney World, and I am already getting antsy. Can't we just go now?!

Sadly, we cannot, as there are no Christmas decorations, cool weather, or minimal crowds currently. (And we're going in early December specifically for all of those reasons!)

Easter Dinner ( AKA Feaster) 2014

After a crowded, but joyful Easter church service, Landon, Britton, and I headed over to my parents' house for the necessary feast.

And what a feast we had!

If you're looking for something to serve at your next family gathering, might I suggest our Easter dinner menu:

Easter 2014

As with any good holiday, this Easter was jam packed with family and food. (Seriously, that's the basis for any successful social gathering in my option. Throw in some glitter and you're getting close to the party of the century.)

DIY Easy Ruffled Sundress

ruffled sundress tube top

I'm one of those weird people who dreamed of wearing matching outfits with her baby while she was pregnant. I occasionally perused the Lilly Pulitzer online store, pointing out potential Easter/ Carolina Cup ensembles for our soon-to-be born daughter and I. 

While I haven't yet seen those LP dresses, as Britton's still growing so fast she'd probably only wear it once, I still have high hopes of matching outfits this summer. 

Lucky for me, I've found a SUPER easy DIY sundress that I can whip up in a million colors for Britton, and the same basic procedure will net me a matching strapless top! If you had enough fabric (and a little more time), you could make an adult-sized ruffled sundress, too.

10 Months Old... Going on 10 Years

My little baby is ten months old! And what a change the last month has made...

Florida Bound!

I love traveling. My dream would be to travel around the world, more or less constantly.

My desire to visit new places is always tempered by real life stuff, like Landon being able to get vacation time off, budgets, and day-to-day responsibilities. (Oh, who needs to pay the mortgage when there are places to go?! I kid, I kid.)

Gardening without a Green Thumb: Spring 2014 Edition

After a mixed bag of results with my winter garden, I decided to soldier on with my gardening attempts. Yes, I killed some plants last season, but I learned some stuff, too (i.e. don't go wild on a brand new rosemary bush just because you've fallen in love with homemade rosemary bread). 

This past March, I got my gardening stuff in order and began preparations for the spring planting. 

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Over the last nearly thirty years (ack!), I've given my mother necklaces, trinkets, house furnishings, and books for Mother's Day. Somethings went over better than others, but I always try to give her something small and thoughtful.

This year, it's my first Mother's Day--I barely missed the cut off last year, but Britton had her own timetable. I'm so excited about my initiation into the club!

5 Great Reasons to Send Your Child to Summer Camp

summer camp

Growing up, I loved summer camp. I wasn't one of those kids who was worried about leaving home--I missed my parents, sure, but I had bigger things to focus on like what I was going to make in arts and crafts or if anyone was going to dance with me at the parties. (Priorities, people!)

Clemson University Baby

On September 7, 2009, Landon and I got engaged in Clemson University's Carillion Gardens. It's a beautiful spot in the middle of campus, and it was halfway between East campus and West campus. Since we lived on either side of campus while we were dating during our undergrad years, we'd meet in the middle to talk. 

Fighting the Baby Pudge: Lessons Learned from My Post-Baby Body

No, not the pudge of my sweet, adorable nearly-ten month old. That pudge is cute and awesome and perfect.

However, the pudge that you get after you have that cute, awesome, perfect, pudgy baby isn't great.

The Dark Side of Being a Creative Person

I haven't met a craft or creative process that I didn't like.

Okay, that's a lie. I've met crocheting, and it was scary. I haven't met knitting, but since it's crocheting terrifying big sister, I'm okay with staying unacquainted with it.