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Packing the Perfect Road Trip Bag

Packing the Perfect Road Trip Bag | CosmosMariners.com

I'll take travel any way I can get it, but the road trip holds a special place in my heart. In the next few months, I'll take several road trips (St. Simons Island, Georgia, St. Augustine, Florida, and two to Cape Canaveral, Florida), so I'm trying to get the process of traveling by car down to an art.

Generally, I'm pretty easy going as far as traveling goes, but if there's one thing that I detest while traveling longer distances in a car, it's having my stuff all over the place. Without a little organization, you're constantly pulling over or digging through your suitcases. Hey, I want to read! Uh, oops, I packed that in my luggage which is now in the truck. Or, wouldn't a snack be great? Sorry--no more stores for another 50 miles.

Instead of struggling, I usually pile everything I need together in one official road trip bag. That way when my toddler needs an applesauce pouch, I toss it to her without having to stop. If I want to read while Landon drives, I grab my magazines and happily peruse the latest goings-on in the travel world. That one bag makes my life easier.

Packing the Perfect Road Trip Bag | CosmosMariners.com

Here what I stuff into my bag to keep everyone as happy as possible while we're on the road. After all, no one likes a grumpy passenger!

  • Reading material. Whether you prefer a Kindle, a classic Russian novel, or gossip mags, make sure you have something read handy. A phone is great for entertainment--until you hit the middle of nowhere and can't find a signal to save your life. Plus, a book or magazine never has roaming charges.
  • Hand sanitizer. From overturned sodas to sketchy rest areas, there are many reasons why you'd want to include a little bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. My favorites are the scented ones from Bath and Body Works!
  • Sunglasses. Because safe driving is important.
  • Snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. We like a mixture of sweet and salty, so you can usually find Moonpies snuggling right next to the cheese crackers. Trail mix, applesauce pouches, and pretzels round out our stellar offerings.
  • Drink cup. And I'm not talking about my toddler's either! We usually keep a cup filled with ice in the front seat and a couple bottles of water or soda in the backseat. As we drink the water or soda, we just refill the ice cup. Presto! Cold drinks that didn't require any stops or extra money.
  • Toys for the younger passengers. We have some tried and tested toys that always make Britton happy when she's getting grumpy. As an added bonus, they're pretty small, so after we exhaust ourselves singing her favorite songs to her, we start sending these into the backseat.
  • Gum. After a few fast food meals, it's good to have some way to freshen your breath. The car's only so big, after all!
They won't fit into a bag, but I usually have a pillow and blanket within reach as well. I don't take a lot of naps while road tripping, but they're good to have if you want to rest your eyes for a moment--or, if you're always in a temperature face-off with the other people in the car and you lose. 

Packing the Perfect Road Trip Bag | CosmosMariners.com

Make sure to find a sturdy bag to keep everything in. I used this Marley Lilly tote because monograms make everything better, including road trips. It's big enough to pack plenty of supplies into, and it's deep enough to hold magazines and snack boxes. I love the extra pockets on the side where I can stick some of the smaller stuff that I like to have handy. 

What do you take when you head out on a road trip? How do you stay organized? What do you love or hate about road trips?

Disclaimer: MarleyLilly.com provided me with a complimentary tote to share with my readers. All opinions are my own.