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6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com

You go, you have a blast, you take a ton of pictures.

Then, you come home. You might be proactive, downloading the pictures to your computer, printing them out, and carefully arraigning them in photo albums that you bought specifically for that purpose.

But more likely, those poor vacation pictures are still stuck on your computer (or your phone, or maybe even the camera!).

Don't leave them there: you need some exciting ways to preserve those travel memories. Everybody loves a new project, and the fun ideas below will allow you to relive the best parts of that amazing experience while getting all crafty at the same time.

1) Use your natural resources. 

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
What a unique variation on most of the travel keepsake ideas out there! Just grab a small amount of sand or dirt from each spot you're visiting and bag it up. When you return home, add it to a clear vase and label the destination and year.

Disclaimer: make sure you do a little research before you haul the sediment home with you, as you cannot bring dirt, sand, or rocks through customs in certain places. Also, never, ever take items from a protected environment or where there's signage indicating that you can't take the materials with you.

Materials needed: a glass jar or vase, a label maker, sand/rocks collected from your travels

Level of difficulty: beginner

2) Pile it all together in a travel shadow box. 

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
Unlike a junk drawer, a shadow box (like this one by Little Yaris Diary) takes a pile of random stuff and makes it look good. Save your ticket stubs, transportation passes, maps, and other ephemera--then arrange it in a shadow box (which you can usually get for pretty cheap at your local craft store or on Amazon).

Add some letters and stickers, and you've got a multi-dimensional vacation scrapbook that will double as a conversation starter and a wall decoration.

Materials needed: 1-3 printed photos, travel/ destination themed stickers, ephemera from your trip, shadow box frame

Difficulty: semi-hard (getting the layout just right can take some time)

3) Get two big binder rings for a mini travel scrapbook kit. 

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
This is the easiest way to pseudo-scrapbook that I've seen. Get all of your pictures, tickets, etc. and then punch holes along the sides of each. Add some journaling (if you want) and put everything on the rings.

It really cannot be any easier, since hole punching printed photos and adding stickers is basically something you mastered in the 1st grade. You've SO got this, even if you're not at all creative.

Materials needed: Pre-printed photos, large binder rings, stickers/page dividers (optional)

Difficulty: beginner

4) Really scrapbook it up. 

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
Unlike the mini pseudo-scrapbook in entry #3, this is the real deal: papers and journaling and photos and stickers and maybe even some ribbon.

Of course, this is the most time consuming of the memory preservation ideas--and I have several abandoned scrapbooks in my house to show for it (RIP Bahamas trip 2007, a scrapbook I gave up on after the 3rd day of the itinerary).

But if you love the idea of a unique, funky, journaled approach to your travel memories, a scrapbook or two might be the answer.

I'd strongly suggest mapping out the entire thing before you commit to see how much work stands in your way: you'll be able to visualize the end goal before you even start, which reduces the likelihood that you'll have half-finished books hanging around like I do.

You can use a three ring binder like in the example above, or purchase a covered scrapbooking journal. Just make sure that you're using archival quality glue or tape, and acid-free papers to keep those pictures looking beautiful for as long as possible.

If you're really pressed for time, but like the look of this, you could buy a travel scrapbook kit that already has themed papers, quotes, and stickers all picked out for. All you have to do is print out your photos in the necessary sizes, put them in the correct places, and slip the final pages into your now-completed vacation scrapbook.

Materials needed: scrapbook/ binder, pre-printed photos, scrapbooking papers, themed stickers, archival glue/tape, journaling pen

Difficulty: hard (there's definitely a need for creative and lots of time to do this project correctly)

5) Map your memories

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
This travel map + photos is a great way to remember a road trip or several vacations within the same country.

You could, of course, do this with a world map, but then your space becomes very valuable around the edge. Add pictures around the edge or little flags to each stop!

Materials: cork or styrofoam board, map of the country of your choice, pre-printed photos, fabric to cover the board with (optional), pins to mark points of interest (optional)

Difficulty: pretty easy. This is one of those projects that could be done in an hour if you just took a cork board and tacked everything to it. You could run into a higher level of difficulty if you wanted to wrap the board in a prettier fabric before pinning your elements to it.

6) Add some rocks to your collection. 

6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com
Using some craft rocks (or rocks you found on your trip!) and a Sharpie, add a favorite memory from your trip to the surface of the rock. Toss it in a jar or travel keepsake box along with all of your other rock memories.

I'm not sure how often I would sift through the jar of rocks to read the memories, but it would be quite the conversation starter for guests.

Plus, if you've got kids, you could really get them involved by drawing or painting pictures on each of the rocks. It's a great way to remember those small moments that make a trip--which are, sadly, often the things you forget if you don't have them written down somewhere.

Materials: craft rocks of various sizes, Sharpie markers, paint (optional)

Difficulty: easy. If you can write in a semi-straight line and pile rocks in a container, you can manage this project.

What's your favorite way to preserve your travel memories? Which of these ideas would you like to try?


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6 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories | CosmosMariners.com


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