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Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes

Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes | CosmosMariners.com

While I'm not exactly a shoe fiend, I do like having a variety of cute footwear from which to choose--you know, on those occasions when I'm not just schlepping around in my sweatpants all day.

Especially when I'm traveling, I try to pack as much cuteness and functionality in my shoe selections as I can. Usually, I only take a carry-on, so space is valuable, and my selected shoes really have to work overtime to be included in the final packing list.

These shoes are all ones that are practical enough to put up with the demands of traveling while still being fun enough that you'd want to actually wear them.


Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes | CosmosMariners.com
{photo via alterre.com}
As someone who only owns two pairs of high heels, I can appreciate the versatility of this new brand. Why buy ten pairs of shoes when you can make your one pair do many different things? You purchase a base (there are two styles: the higher heel shown here or a sandal with a very short heel), then add different straps onto the shoe for new looks.

Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes | CosmosMariners.com
{photo via tieks.com}

Everyone I know who has a pair of these ballet flats swears by them. I love that they're comfortable while still remaining pretty and stylish. Plus, the flats come in all different solid colors, patterns, and metallics. The shoes fold flat for storage--this makes them easy to toss in your purse for a party when you want to get out of your heels, and perfect for saving a little space in your suitcase when you're traveling.

Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes | CosmosMariners.com
{photo via Amazon.com}
I was blown away when I first saw these sandals: there are about a million ways you can tie them with the coordinating ribbons (see here for a few ideas). Instead of taking a gladiator sandal and a pair of thong sandals and a Teva-style sandal, you can do all of them with this one shoe.

In addition to having one of the coolest concepts for sandals ever, the Sseko brand is committed to the education and financial well-being of Ugandan women: the company started with the goal of providing women the opportunity to earn money for college. Based in Uganda, the company makes all of its products in its Ugandan workshop.

Wanderlust Wishlist: Shoes | CosmosMariners.com
{photo via Mohops.com}
Following a similar loop and ribbon concept at Sseko, the Mohops brand offers style and convenience in a variety of sandals. I love that the Mohops brand has different sandal heights for those who want something other than a flat foot bed--the Moped Mid Walnut sandal (shown above) has a bit of height, but not so much that you wouldn't be able to walk in them.

If you've got some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can also spring for some of the company's bespoke sandals. Pretty, but pricey!

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What are your go to shoes when you're traveling? Which of these would you like to add to your wardrobe?

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